Wool 5: The Stranded (Wool #5) - Hugh Howey9

Review :: Wool 5: The Stranded

Written by Elke

Warning: This review contain spoilers

That was almost like old Harry Potter-times when a new book has been released: take a night or a weekend off, retire to your sofa (supplied with beverages and snacks), then start reading and only stop when you have finished. What a finale for that series! Although Wool was first written as a short novel "only", Hugh Howey developed a series of five books which head toward the climax and resolution in a most amazing way. Each book has its own protagonists with which we have to suffer until all threads of the novels are unravelled. All threads and questions? Not really - we still don't know exactly how the silos came into being and we don't know what will happen with silo 17 and 18 (and all others). But thankfully we can carry on with "Shift" and "Dust" ...

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Wool 5: The Stranded

Two people find themselves stranded in worlds apart. One world is crumbling, the other already in ruin. Will their fight to be reunited spell doom for them both and all around them? Or will it bring salvation? Welcome to the exciting conclusion to the Wool saga.