The Lair of Bones (The Runelords #4) - David Farland6

Review :: The Lair of Bones

The Lair of Bones is a readable fantasy book. I have to admit that I expected it to be a bit better, but I liked it anyway. I know that many people don't like this book, but I think that sometimes it's nice to read easy fantasy books. If you like The Runelords saga, The Lair of Bones is an interesting and readable book. However, if you don't like David Farland's books or his writing style, this book isn't for you, because it isn't an unforgettable masterpiece.

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The Lair of Bones

The stars fall from heaven and the very earth trembles in pain. With Gaborn's kingdom of Mystarria in ruins, four powerful kings march to claim its spoils, even as a vast army of reavers sallies forth from the underworld, intending to put an end to mankind.

In one last-ditch effort to heal the earth, the wizardborn Averan leads the Earth King, Gaborn Val Orden, far below the surface to the Lair of Bones, to face the leader of the reaver hordes. There Gaborn must confront an ancient evil – before the world is torn apart...

In this fourth volume of The Runelords series, David Farland continues to rewrite the boundaries of epic fantasy. There are only impossible decisions for his protagonists, and the evil of the reavers may simply be a mask for the true horrors to come...