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The tittle tells it all, this is about many brief lives of mortals and Endless too as Morpheus and Delirium are set on a journey to find their missing brother. If the Gaiman's story is great, the artwork is absolutely amazing. I actually found myself sighing out loud at the beginning of the book when Morpheus is drawned depressed because his girlfriend has left him. And the end, after he's killed Orpheus and is shown in his realm, sitting in his chair, alone... heartbreaking.
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About the Book :: The Sandman: Brief Lives

Neil Gaiman Release date: 1994
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, comics

Written by Neil Gaiman. Art by Jill Thompson and Vince Locke. Painted cover by Dave McKean.

Dream's youngest sister, the loopy Delirium, convinces him to go on a quest for their missing brother, Destruction. But Dream may learn that the cost of finding his prodigal sibling is more than he can bear.

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