Wicked Lovely Courts

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Wicked Lovely Courts is a series of young adult fantasy novels by Melissa Marr that are considered a spin-off of the Wicked Lovely series. It follows the life of Katherine Miller and Urian as they attempt to navigate the world, each having recently uncovered secrets about their past neither could have dreamed were true. The series is told from a number of perspectives as it explores various aspects of the world established in the mainstream series.

Main series Wicked Lovely

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Book Covers
Dark Sun (Wicked Lovely Courts #1) 7.50   2

Speculative Fiction Novels (2)
(Wicked Lovely Courts #1 / 2)
2022 | fantasy, young adult
(Wicked Lovely Courts #2 / 2)
2023 | fantasy, young adult | Release date TBA