The Polesotechnic League

After the first initial burst of exploration for national glory and for the pure joy of exhilaration, Mankind found trading to be a truly excellent reason to travel from star to star hoping to make a discovery that would make an amazing financial killing. And if, along the way, you could do some good, well all the better... The Polesotechnic League stories cover that initial explosion of Technic civilisation up until its replacement by the Terran empire.

Belongs to the series Technic History

Book Covers
War of the Wing-Men
Trader to the Stars
The Trouble Twisters
Satan's World
The Earth Book of Stormgate

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Speculative Fiction Novels (6)

(The Polesotechnic League)
1958 | science fiction
(The Polesotechnic League)
1964 | science fiction, short stories
(The Polesotechnic League)
1966 | science fiction, short stories
(The Polesotechnic League)
1969 | science fiction
(The Polesotechnic League)
1977 | science fiction
(The Polesotechnic League)
1978 | science fiction, short stories