The Wild Hunt

The veil between worlds is weakening, and behind it, the Hidden Kingdom, ever-hungry for dominion over the daylight realm, is stirring. The kingdoms of the earth have grown complacent in victory, and their rulers deny the power of magic. The guardians of the Veil have grown old and few.  But there are still a few who can wield the power of the Song of the Earth - can they regain their power in time to stop the wild hunt from rending the veil and overrunning the whole world?

Book Covers
Songs of the Earth (The Wild Hunt #1)
Trinity Rising (The Wild Hunt #2)
The Raven's Shadow (The Wild Hunt #3)
The Dragon House (The Wild Hunt #4)9.20

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Speculative Fiction Novels (4)

(The Wild Hunt #1)
2011 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Wild Hunt #2)
2012 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Wild Hunt #3)
2013 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Wild Hunt #4)
2021 | fantasy > high fantasy | Release date TBA