Finest Trilogy

”They were the Finest Creations – mystically forged creatures of perfection sent by the creators to aid the Fallen (mankind) during their mortal existence. Though they resemble ordinary horses they are highly intelligent, capable of communicating telepathically, and completely moral. They are assigned to bond with individuals of great potential and to protect them from harm while guiding them along a path of virtue. The Finest Series combines elements of Mercedes R. Lackey's Valdemar series with C. S. Lewis's Narnia for an inspiring tale of mystical intrigue and the crucible of morality for mankind.”
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Speculative Fiction Novels (3)
2004  The Finest Creation (Finest Trilogy, #1)
2005  The Finest Choice (Finest Trilogy, #2)
2006  The Finest Challenge (Finest Trilogy, #3)