The Wheel of Time

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time is a story that takes place both in our past and our future. In his fantasy world, the Dark One, the embodiment of pure evil, is breaking free from his prison. The overall plot is about a man who learns that he is the reincarnation of the world’s messiah and is once again destined to save the world from the Dark One – but possibly destroy it in the process. This saga is not only his story, but the story of an entire world’s struggle to deal with war and change, destruction and hope.

Book Covers

The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, #1)7.52
The Great Hunt (The Wheel of Time, #2)7.44
The Dragon Reborn (The Wheel of Time, #3)7.44
The Shadow Rising (The Wheel of Time, #4)7.56
The Fires of Heaven (The Wheel of Time, #5)7.48
Lord of Chaos (The Wheel of Time, #6)7.70
A Crown of Swords (The Wheel of Time, #7)7.54
The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time7.78
The Path of Daggers (The Wheel of Time, #8)7.34
Winter's Heart (The Wheel of Time, #9)7.56
Crossroads of Twilight (The Wheel of Time, #10)7.24
New Spring: The Novel7.54
Knife of Dreams (The Wheel of Time, #11)7.64
The Gathering Storm (The Wheel of Time, #12)8.92
Towers of Midnight (The Wheel of Time, #13)8.56
A Memory of Light (The Wheel of Time, #14)8.76
The Wheel of Time Companion

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