The Sellswords

The Sellswords is spin-off series based on characters and situations from R.A. Salvatore’s best-selling series The Legend of Drizzt, and features the villains-turned-heroes Jarlaxle and Entreri in action-packed adventures across the Forgotten Realms world.

Belongs to the series Forgotten Realms

Book Covers
Servant of the Shard (The Sellswords #1)7.06
Promise of the Witch-King (The Sellswords #2)7.70
Road of the Patriarch (The Sellswords #3)7.90

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Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(The Sellswords #1)
2000 | fantasy
(The Sellswords #2)
2005 | fantasy
(The Sellswords #3)
2006 | fantasy