Revanche Cycle

A world away from Daniel Faust and Harmony Black - though perhaps not as far as you might think - awaits the intrigue and danger of The Revanche Cycle. As Pope Benignus lies in his deathbed and an empire awaits his successor, a madman puts his apocalyptic plan for revenge into motion. His web of conspiracy will snare an unlikely gathering of souls, from a barmaid and her lover, to a pair of low-rent bounty hunters, to the pope's iron-willed daughter, their roads converging in a broken, war-ravaged land.

This is a realm of intrigue, betrayal, and all-consuming corruption. A realm where politics can be as deadly as poison - and more often than not, the two go hand-in-hand.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (4)
2014  Winter's Reach (Revanche Cycle, #1)
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2015  The Instruments of Control (Revanche Cycle, #2)
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2015  Terms of Surrender (Revanche Cycle, #3)
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2016  Queen of the Night (Revanche Cycle, #4)
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