Dragons of Terra

Brian Naslund’s epic Dragons of Terra series, beginning with Blood of an Exile, is perfect for comic book readers and fans of heroic fantasy. Action-packed and full of fast-paced adventures, the story follows Bershad, the most successful dragon slayer in history - he’s never lost a fight. But now he’s faced with a dangerous conundrum: kill a king or be killed.

Book Covers
Blood of an Exile (Dragons of Terra #1)
Sorcery of a Queen (Dragons of Terra #2)
Fury of a Demon (Dragons of Terra #3)

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Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(Dragons of Terra #1)
2019 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Dragons of Terra #2)
2020 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Dragons of Terra #3)
2021 | fantasy > high fantasy | Release date August 31, 2021