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Peadar Ó Guilín 5
Ó Guilín, Peadar

Peadar Ó Guilín has been writing curious stories for as long as he can remember. One of his school reports claimed that he had 'a talent for communication, which he abuse[d].' Since

J. O'Barr 1
O'Barr, J.

James O'Barr is an accomplished artist and writer, best known for creating The Crow.

In 1978, O'Barr's fiancée, Beverly, was killed by a drunk driver, and he joined the

Caragh M. O'Brien 7
O'Brien, Caragh M.

Caragh M. O'Brien is the author of the Birthmarked series, which includes the dystopian novels Birthmarked, Prized, and Promised, as well as the tie-in stories "Tortured" and "Ruled."

Bishop  O'Connell 4
O'Connell, Bishop

Bishop O'Connell is a consultant, writer, poet, blogger, and member of the New Hampshire Writer's Project. Born in Naples Italy while his father was stationed in Sardinia, Bishop grew up in

Cameron O'Connell 8
O'Connell, Cameron

Cameron O’Connell is a Jack-of-All-Trades and Master of Some.

He writes The Phantom Queen Diaries, a series in The Nate Temple Universe, about Quinn MacKenna, a mouthy black magic arms

Elizabeth O'Connell 3
O'Connell, Elizabeth

Elizabeth O'Connell lives in Corpus Christi, Texas with her two cats. She loves a good mystery and anything with fairies in it.

Kym O'Connell-Todd 3
O'Connell-Todd, Kym
Bryce O'Connor 14
O'Connor, Bryce

BRYCE O'CONNOR learned the importance of a well-crafted story at an early age. Raised on the tall tales of Brian Jacques' Redwall and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, he fell in love with

Tara O'Connor 1
O'Connor, Tara

Tara O'Connor is a comic maker and illustrator currently residing in the New Jersey wilderness. When she's not drawing or teaching comics, she's probably working on an illustration of some sort.

Claire O'Dell 4
O'Dell, Claire

Claire O'Dell grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, in the years of the Vietnam War and Watergate. She currently lives in Manchester, Connecticut, with her family and two idiosyncratic cats.

Claire O'Dell is a pseudonym of Beth Bernobich.

Carolyn O'Doherty 2
O'Doherty, Carolyn

Carolyn O’Doherty received her MFA from Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two teenage sons. Rewind is her debut novel.

Paraic O'Donnell 2
O'Donnell, Paraic

Paraic O'Donnell's first novel, The Maker of Swans, was named the Amazon Rising Stars Debut of the Month for February 2016, and was shortlisted for the Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards in the Newcomer of the Year category.

Caroline O'Donoghue 1
O'Donoghue, Caroline

Caroline O'Donoghue is an Irish author and the host of the award-winning Sentimental Garbage podcast. She writes fiction for adults and teenagers. Most of her book money is spent on vet bills.

Dennis O'Flaherty 2
O'Flaherty, Dennis

Dennis O'Flaherty is an author with several decades' worth of film and television credits under his belt, including the Francis Ford Coppola-produced Hammett.

Sinéad O'Hart 2
O'Hart, Sinéad

Sinéad O’Hart lives in County Sligo - the wild northwest of Ireland - known as “Yeats country” because of its influence on the great poet. She has

Lisa Ann O'Kane 1
O'Kane, Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann O’Kane is a young adult author and former vagabond who once camped out in Yosemite National Park for an entire summer, an experience that inspired her debut novel

Megan E. O'Keefe 10
O'Keefe, Megan E.

Megan E. O’Keefe lives in the Bay Area of California and makes soap for a living. (It’s only a little like Fight Club.) She has worked in arts management and graphic design, and spends her free

Patrick O'Leary 6
O'Leary, Patrick

Patrick O’Leary’s first novel, Door Number Three, was lauded by Publishers Weekly as a best book of the year. His second book, The Gift, was a finalist for both the

Sara O'Leary 1
O'Leary, Sara

Sara O'Leary is a writer of fiction for both adults and children. She is the author of a collection of short stories, Comfort Me With Apples; a series of postcard stories, Wish You

Daniel O'Malley 2
O'Malley, Daniel

Dan O’Malley graduated from Michigan State University and earned a Master’s Degree in medieval history from Ohio State University. He then returned to his childhood home, Australia. He now

Christine O'Neil 1
O'Neil, Christine

Christine O'Neil was born and raised in Connecticut, where she spent most of her childhood outdoors catching salamanders, frogs and colds. When she wasn't terrorizing Mother Nature, she was curled

Anthony O'Neill 1
O'Neill, Anthony

Anthony O'Neill was born in Melbourne. He is the author of Scheherazade, The Lamplighter, The Empire of Eternity, The Unscratchables, and The Dark Side. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Louise O'Neill 2
O'Neill, Louise

Louise O' Neill was born in west Cork in 1985. She studied English at Trinity College Dublin and has worked for the senior Style Director of American Elle magazine. While in New York, she

Michael O'Neill 4
O'Neill, Michael

Michael O'Neill is a high school teacher from Queensland, Australia, who has had a life long fascination with the world of Science Fantasy - starting from his introduction to the genre by

Marie O'Regan 7
O'Regan, Marie

Marie O'Regan is an award-nominated writer and editor of horror and dark fantasy fiction, and her short fiction has been published in such places as The Alsiso Project, When

Jane O'Reilly 2
O'Reilly, Jane

Jane O'Reilly would like to say that she's the secret love child of Wonder Woman and grew up on a tropical island in the Pacific, but in reality she grew up in the north of England where it was

Erica O'Rourke 5
O'Rourke, Erica

Erica O’Rourke is the author of Dissonance and of the Torn trilogy, which includes Torn, Tangled, and Bound. She lives near Chicago with her family.

Billy O'Shea 3
O'Shea, Billy

Originally from Ireland, Billy O'Shea has been a grape-picker, a dishwasher, a dock worker, a TV sound technician, a diamond sorter, a pirate radio DJ, a bar musician, a translator, a 3D

Devin O\'Branagan 3
O\'Branagan, Devin
Flann O\'Brien 3
O\'Brien, Flann

Flann O'Brien is a pseudonym of Brian O'Nolan (Brian Ó Nualláin in Irish).

Brian O'Nolan (1911–1966) was an Irish novelist and satirist,

Gerry O\'Brien 2
O\'Brien, Gerry
Kevin L. O\'Brien 1
O\'Brien, Kevin L.
Robert C. O\'Brien 1
O\'Brien, Robert C.
Lorie O\'Clare 1
O\'Clare, Lorie
Jack O\'Connell 5
O\'Connell, Jack

Jack O'Connell is the author of four widely acclaimed novels. He lives with his wife and children in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Virginia O\'Dine 1
O\'Dine, Virginia
K. M. O\'Donnell 6
O\'Donnell, K. M.

K. M. O'Donnell is a pseudonym of Barry N. Malzberg.

Kevin O\'Donnell, Jr. 10
O\'Donnell, Jr., Kevin


Nick O\'Donohoe 6
O\'Donohoe, Nick
Mike O\'Driscoll 3
O\'Driscoll, Mike
Tracey O\'Hara 3
O\'Hara, Tracey

Tracey O'Hara was born in Tasmania, Australia, but actually grew up in North and Far North Queensland. She discovered a passion for writing when researching her family history and started with an

Kate O\'Hearn 12
O\'Hearn, Kate

Kate O'Hearn was raised in the heart of New York City. Throughout her life, she has always had an active and vivid imagination. As a child walking down 5th Avenue, she would envision herself

Susan Heyboer O\'Keefe 1
O\'Keefe, Susan Heyboer
Daniel O\'Mahony 5
O\'Mahony, Daniel

Daniel O'Mahony (born 1973) is a half-British half-Irish author, born in Croydon. He is the older brother of Eoin O'Mahony, of the band Hamfatter.


Daniel O'Mahony. Wikipedia.

Kathleen O\'Malley 3
O\'Malley, Kathleen
Stewart O\'Nan 4
O\'Nan, Stewart

Stewart O'Nan (born 1961) is an American novelist.


Stewart O'Nan. Wikipedia.

Eilis O\'Neal 1
O\'Neal, Eilis
James O\'Neal 2
O\'Neal, James

James O'Neal is a pseudonym of James O. Born. He is an award winning autor, career law enforcement officer and life long fan of science fiction. Publisher's Weekly called his first

Kathleen M. O\'Neal 3
O\'Neal, Kathleen M.

A pseudonym of Kathleen O'Neal Gear.

Dennis O\'Neil 5
O\'Neil, Dennis
Gene O\'Neill 10
O\'Neill, Gene
Kevin O\'Neill 9
O\'Neill, Kevin

Kevin O'Neill is an English comic book illustrator best known as the co-creator of Nemesis the Warlock, Marshal Law (with writer Pat Mills), and The League of Extraordinary

Pamela O\'Neill 3
O\'Neill, Pamela
Kathleen O\'Reilly 2
O\'Reilly, Kathleen
Kaitlin O\'Riley 1
O\'Riley, Kaitlin
Robert O\'Riordan 3
O\'Riordan, Robert
Frank O\'Rourke 1
O\'Rourke, Frank
Michael O\'Rourke 3
O\'Rourke, Michael
Monica J. O\'Rourke 4
O\'Rourke, Monica J.
Patti O\'Shea 3
O\'Shea, Patti
Colleen Oakes 7
Oakes, Colleen

Colleen Oakes is the bestselling author of books for both teens and adults, including the Elly in Bloom series, and the Wendy Darling saga. She lives in North Denver with her husband and son and

Cory Putman Oakes 2
Oakes, Cory Putman
J. P. Oakes 1
Oakes, J. P.

J. P. Oakes lives in Long Island, New York. City of Iron and Dust is J.P. Oakes's first novel.

Ryan Oakley 1
Oakley, Ryan

Ryan Oakley was raised in a small town and discovered at an early age that he was drawn to the bright lights, white noise and gaudy trappings of the big city. In the din of the city he lives

Joyce Carol Oates 3
Oates, Joyce Carol

Joyce Carol Oates is a recipient of the National Book Award and the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction. She has written some of the most enduring fiction of our time, including ‘We

Sonia Oback 2
Oback, Sonia
Takeshi Obata 1
Obata, Takeshi
Damien Lincoln Ober 1
Ober, Damien Lincoln
Peter Öberg 1
Öberg, Peter
S. M. Oberhansley 4
Oberhansley, S. M.

From the depths of an overactive imagination comes new stories, often with unexpected twists and glorious detail. S. M. Oberhansley has a knack for writing horror, thriller, paranormal, undead, and

Téa Obreht 2
Obreht, Téa

Téa Obreht was born in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia in 1985 and has lived in the United States since the age of twelve. Her writing has been published in The New Yorker, The Atlantic,

Lydia Obukhova 1
Obukhova, Lydia
Silvina Ocampo 2
Ocampo, Silvina

Silvina Ocampo Aguirre (1903-1993) was an Argentine poet and short-fiction writer.


Silvina Ocampo. Wikipedia.

Weston Ochse 22
Ochse, Weston

Weston Ochse is the award-winning author of more than twenty novels, including the groundbreaking Task Force OMBRA series for Solaris. A military veteran with over thirty years of service who began

Hideji Oda 1
Oda, Hideji
Danny Odato 1
Odato, Danny

Born in Italy in 1953, Danny Odato, a father of four, had to provide for his family at a young age instead of following his dream of writing. With The Witch’s Revenge, his debut novel, his dream has finally come true.

William Odell 6
Odell, William
Scott Oden 6
Oden, Scott

Scott is the author of four novels, two historical fiction (Men of Bronze and Memnon) and two fantasy with a strong historical bent (The Lion of Cairo and A Gathering

Mel Odom 47
Odom, Mel

Mel Odom (born 1957) is a writer who has published more than 140 books. He is best known for his novels of science fiction and fantasy, though he has also written non-fiction about computer

Shawn Thomas Odyssey 4
Odyssey, Shawn Thomas

When he's not writing novels, Shawn Thomas Odyssey is a professional music composer for film and TV, with works including HBO's Deadwood and the video game release of Kung Fu

Mark Oetjens 1
Oetjens, Mark

Mark Oetjens was born in 1971. He grew up in suburban Chicago. As a child he was diagnosed with Dystonia, a debilitating neuromuscular disorder. Though there is no cure for Dystonia,

Jody Offen 3
Offen, Jody
Kerryn Offord 2
Offord, Kerryn

Kerryn Offord stumbled on to the 1632 universe in the beginning of 2003 when his father asked him to look up when 1633 would be released in paperback. He discovered Baen's Bar, and has

Andrew J. Offutt 30
Offutt, Andrew J.

Andrew Jefferson Offutt (1934-2013) was an American science fiction and fantasy author. He wrote novels and stories as Andrew J. Offutt, A. J. Offutt and Andy Offut.


Andrew J. Offutt. Wikipedia.


Jason Offutt 1
Offutt, Jason

Jason Offutt (Maryville, Missouri) teaches journalism at Northwest Missouri State University. He's the author of four previous books on paranormal topics, including Haunted Missouriand

Michael Offutt 5
Offutt, Michael

Michael Offutt is a writer of science-fiction books. Depending on when you catch him, he may also be an aspiring writer of epic fantasy, young adult fiction,

Issui Ogawa 2
Ogawa, Issui

Issui Ogawa (born 1975) is a Seiun and Hayakawa Award winning writer of more than a dozen novels. His stories are often sociological in nature dealing with issues like disaster and democracy.


Issui Ogawa. Wikipedia.

Yōko Ogawa 2
Ogawa, Yōko

Yōko Ogawa was born in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, graduated from Waseda University, and lives in Ashiya. Since 1988, she has published more than twenty works of fiction and nonfiction. Her

Aimee Ogden 1
Ogden, Aimee

Aimee Ogden is an exciting emerging author with more than two dozen short story publications in venues such as Analog, Shimmer, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show,

Noriko Ogiwara 2
Ogiwara, Noriko

Noriko Ogiwara was inspired to write by the classic Western children's books she read as she was growing up. Dragon Sword and Wind Child is her first book and part of the awardwinning

Ellen Oh 5
Oh, Ellen

Ellen Oh is an adjunct college instructor and former entertainment lawyer. Originally from New York City, Ellen lives in Bethesda, MD, with her husband and three daughters.

Temi Oh 1
Oh, Temi

Temi Oh graduated from King’s College London in 2015 with a BSci in Neuroscience. While at KCL, Temi founded and ran a book-club called “Neuroscience-fiction”, where she led discussions about

Ben Ohlander 2
Ohlander, Ben
Julius Ohta 1
Ohta, Julius
Nnedi Okorafor 16
Okorafor, Nnedi

Nnedi Okorafor is an international award-winning novelist of African-based science fiction, fantasy and magical realism for both children and adults. Born in the United States to

Ben Okri 8
Okri, Ben

Ben Okri OBE FRSL (born 1959) is a Nigerian poet and novelist. Okri has become the leading figure of his generation of Nigerian

Suyi Davis Okungbowa 2
Okungbowa, Suyi Davis

Suyi Davis Okungbowa is a storyteller who writes from Lagos, Nigeria. His stories have been published in Fireside, PodCastle, The Dark, StarShipSofa, Mothership

Joseph Olander 1
Olander, Joseph
Marc Olden 2
Olden, Marc
Daniel José Older 11
Older, Daniel José

Daniel José Older is a writer, composer and paramedic living in Brooklyn, New York. Salsa Nocturna, Daniel’s debut ghost noir collection, was hailed as “striking and

Malka Older 4
Older, Malka

Malka Ann Older is a writer, humanitarian worker, and PhD candidate at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations studying governance and disasters. Named Senior Fellow for Technology and Risk at

Gary Oldman 1
Oldman, Gary

Gary Oldman is one of the ten highest grossing film actors in history and is regarded as one of the finest actors of his generation. He is also an award-winning director and has received the British Academy Award for Best Screenwriter.

J. Bradford Olesker 1
Olesker, J. Bradford
Eitan Olevsky 1
Olevsky, Eitan

Eitan Olevsky was born in 1981 in Lima, Peru. His knack for story-telling began at the early age of four, pestering his parents with sleepless nights of fairy tale

Ben Oliver 2
Oliver, Ben

Benjamin Oliver grew up in Scotland and began writing long before he could spell. He attended the University of Stirling where he studied English but spent most of his time trying to write a novel.

Chad Oliver 10
Oliver, Chad

Symmes Chadwick Oliver (1928–1993) was an American science fiction and Western writer and chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin. He was also one of the

Jana Oliver 11
Oliver, Jana
Jonathan Oliver 8
Oliver, Jonathan

Jonathan Oliver is the much-lauded editor of four anthologies for Solaris as well as being the editor-in-chief of Solaris, Abaddon and Ravenstone. He is also the author of two novels set in the

Lauren Oliver 14
Oliver, Lauren

Lauren Oliver captivated readers with her first novel, the much-honored New York Times bestseller Before I Fall, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. She followed

Lin Oliver 2
Oliver, Lin
Mark Oliver 1
Oliver, Mark

Mark Desvaux writes fiction as Mark Oliver. He also authors inspirational non-fiction and online courses, and is a professional speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. He is

Reggie Oliver 11
Oliver, Reggie

Reggie Oliver (born 1952) is an English playwright, biographer and writer of ghost stories.


Reggie Oliver. Wikipedia.

Michael Oliveri 3
Oliveri, Michael

Michael Oliveri is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Deadliest of the Species. His work has appeared in several anthologies and magazines including A Walk on the Darkside,

William Ollie 1
Ollie, William
Pola Oloixarac 2
Oloixarac, Pola

Pola Oloixarac is an Argentinian writer, journalist, and translator.

Lars-Henrik Olsen 1
Olsen, Lars-Henrik

Lars-Henrik Olsen is a Danish author. His oeuvre spans both children's and youth and adult books. He has written books about animals and nature, Nordic mythology and several historical novels.

Rodger Olsen 1
Olsen, Rodger
Jessica S. Olson 1
Olson, Jessica S.

Jessica S. Olson claims New Hampshire as her home, but has somehow found herself in Texas, where she spends most of her time singing praises to the inventor of the air conditioner. When she's not

John B. Olson 6
Olson, John B.

John B. Olson is a novelist who lives with his wife Amy and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area. John earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and did

Kayla Olson 2
Olson, Kayla

Kayla Olson was raised in a small town in Texas where an infinite sea of stars still fills the night sky. Her first novel, The Sandcastle Empire, was followed by This Splintered Silence.

Melissa F. Olson 15
Olson, Melissa F.

Melissa Olson was born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and studied film and literature at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After graduation, and a brief stint bouncing

Sapphira Olson 3
Olson, Sapphira

Sapphira Olson is the pen name of author, illustrator and poet Sapphira Olson French. Born in Cornwall she now lives in Luton. Faithfully LGBT, she is a trans woman with six published novels,

Fredrik T. Olsson 1
Olsson, Fredrik T.

Fredrik T. Olsson is an established screenwriter in Sweden. Chain of Events is his first novel.

Jerry Oltion 15
Oltion, Jerry

Jerry Oltion (born 1957) is an award-winning science fiction author, known for numerous novels and short stories, including books in the Star Trek series.

Jerry Oltion is also

Kathy Oltion 1
Oltion, Kathy
Fujino Omori 7
Omori, Fujino
Oliver Onions 14
Onions, Oliver

George Oliver Onions (1873–1961) was a significant English novelist who published over forty novels and story collections.

Besides detective fiction, historical fiction and a science

Nuzo Onoh 3
Onoh, Nuzo
Robert Onopa 2
Onopa, Robert

Robert Onopa's science fiction stories have been featured in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Tomorrow. His novel The Pleasure Tube (Berkley/Putnam's) was praised as "a

Mark Onspaugh 1
Onspaugh, Mark
Tochi Onyebuchi 6
Onyebuchi, Tochi

Tochi Onyebuchi is a Nigerian American writer and a practicing attorney based in New York City. He holds a MFA in screenwriting from Tisch, a Masters degree in global economic law from L’institut

David Oppegaard 1
Oppegaard, David

David Oppegaard was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He holds a B.A. in English Literature from St. Olaf College and an M.F.A. in Writing from Hamline University. The Suicide Collectors is his first novel.


David Oppegaard's Official Website.

Kenneth Oppel 32
Oppel, Kenneth

Kenneth Oppel (born 1967) is a Canadian author. He has written books for children and young adults.


Kenneth Oppel's official website.
Kenneth Oppel. Wikipedia.

Shulamith Oppenheim 1
Oppenheim, Shulamith
Andy Oppenheimer 2
Oppenheimer, Andy

Andy Oppenheimer AIExpE MIABTI is an author and consultant in counterterrorism. An Associate Member of the Institute of Explosives Engineers and a Member of the International Association of Bomb

John J. Ordover 1
Ordover, John J.
Rebecca Ore 10
Ore, Rebecca

Rebecca Ore is the pseudonym of science fiction writer Rebecca B. Brown. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1948. In 1968 she moved to New York and attended Columbia University. Rebecca

Douglas Orgill 2
Orgill, Douglas
Erica Orloff 2
Orloff, Erica
Kate Orman 15
Orman, Kate

Kate Orman (born 1968) is an Australian author, best-known for her books connected to the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who.


Kate Orman. Wikipedia.

Kate Ormand 3
Ormand, Kate
Kate Ormand is the author of Dark Days. She graduated from university with a degree in fine art painting. There, she discovered her love of reading YA
Kathy Ormosi 1
Ormosi, Kathy
Steven Ormosi 1
Ormosi, Steven
Wendy Orr 1
Orr, Wendy
Claribel A. Ortega 1
Ortega, Claribel A.

Claribel Ortega is a former reporter who writes middle-grade and young adult fantasy inspired by her Dominican heritage. When she's not busy turning her obsession with eighties pop culture, magic,

Amparo Ortiz 2
Ortiz, Amparo

Amparo Ortiz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and currently lives on the island’s northeastern coast. Her short story comic, “What Remains in The Dark,” appears in the Eisner Award-winning

Joe Orton 1
Orton, Joe

John Kingsley ("Joe") Orton (1933–1967) was an English playwright.

In a short but prolific career lasting from 1964 until his death, he shocked, outraged and amused audiences with his

Katharine Orton 1
Orton, Katharine

After gaining an English degree and an MA in creative writing, Katharine Orton worked for Barefoot Books in Bath before leaving to focus on her writing and her young family. She signed with her

Peter Orullian 2
Orullian, Peter
George Orwell 2
Orwell, George

Eric Arthur Blair (1903–1950), better known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English author. His work is marked by a profound consciousness of social injustice, an intense opposition to

Joanna Orwin 3
Orwin, Joanna
Paige Orwin 2
Orwin, Paige

Paige Orwin was born in Utah, to her great surprise. At the age of nine she arranged to rectify the situation.  She now lives in Washington state, next to a public ferry terminal and a

Stephanie Osborn 3
Osborn, Stephanie
Cary Osborne 5
Osborne, Cary

Cary Osborne is an American author.

Cary Osborne has written one book under the pseudonym of Devin Cary.


Cary Osborne's Official Website.


Karen Osborne 2
Osborne, Karen

Karen Osborne is a speculative fiction writer and visual storyteller from Baltimore. She is a graduate of Viable Paradise and the Clarion Writers' Workshop, and won awards for her news &

Teri Osborne 2
Osborne, Teri
Mark Oshiro 1
Oshiro, Mark

Mark Oshiro is the Hugo-nominated writer of the online Mark Does Stuff universe (Mark Reads and Mark Watches), where they analyze book and TV series. They are the nonfiction editor of Queers

Sam Osman 1
Osman, Sam
Claudia Osmond 1
Osmond, Claudia
Anne Osterlund 3
Osterlund, Anne
J. D. Oswald 5
Oswald, J. D.

J. D. Oswald is the pseudonym used by James Oswald.

James Oswald is the author of the Detective Inspector McLean series of crime novels.

Patton Oswalt 1
Oswalt, Patton
Abbey Mei Otis 1
Otis, Abbey Mei

Abbey Mei Otis is a writer, a teaching artist, a storyteller and a firestarter raised in the woods of North Carolina. She loves people and art forms on the margins. She studied at the Michener

Alexandra Ott 4
Ott, Alexandra

Alexandra Ott holds a BA in English from the University of Tulsa. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her tiny canine overlord. She is the author of the Rules for Thieves series.

Jennifer Ott 2
Ott, Jennifer
Stephen Overholser 1
Overholser, Stephen
Beth Overmyer 1
Overmyer, Beth

Beth Overmyer has authored several books ― In a Pickle, a middle grade novella, and Circus in a Shot Glass, a women’s fiction novel, being among them. She’s in love with the

Jeffrey Overstreet 4
Overstreet, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Overstreet is an American fantasy author. He's also a film and music critic.


... Read more ...

Alexandra Overy 1
Overy, Alexandra

Alexandra grew up in London and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her undergraduate degree in history at UCLA. She stuck around for the weather and great ice cream, and is now completing her M.F.A. in

Dean Owen 3
Owen, Dean
Frank Owen 2
Owen, Frank

Frank Owen is the pseudonym for two authors - Diane Awerbuck and Alex Latimer. Diane Awerbuck's debut novel Gardening at Night won the 2004 Commonwealth Writers Prize and Diane was

James A. Owen 7
Owen, James A.

James A. Owen is an American comic book artist, publisher and writer.


James A. Owen. Wikipedia.

Jess E. Owen 3
Owen, Jess E.

Jess is a professional author and artist. For years she was an Equity Stage Manager in the theatre, but left that life to focus on writing. She currently serves as President of the Authors of

Joanne Owen 2
Owen, Joanne

Joanne Owen is an author, born in Neyland, Pembrokeshire, Wales.


Joanne Owen. Wikipedia.

Kelli Owen 1
Owen, Kelli
Lauren Owen 1
Owen, Lauren
Margaret Owen 3
Owen, Margaret

Margaret Owen was born and raised at the end of the Oregon Trail and has worked in everything from thrift stores to presidential campaigns. The common thread between every job can be summed up as:

Thomas Owen 1
Owen, Thomas
Walter Owen 1
Owen, Walter
J. C. Owens 19
Owens, J. C.

"Writing has always been of the utmost importance to me, often a means of expressing frustration, anger and grief during terrible times in my life. It was also there for the joys and triumphs,

Robin D. Owens 25
Owens, Robin D.
Helen Oyeyemi 7
Oyeyemi, Helen

Helen Olajumoke Oyeyemi (born 1984) is a British novelist and writer of short stories. Since 2014 her home has been in Prague.

Oyeyemi wrote her first novel, The Icarus Girl, while

Sanem Ozdural 2
Ozdural, Sanem

Sanem Ozdural was born in Ankara, Turkey in the 70s, and spent her childhood from age seven onwards in England.  Happy days at a quintessentially British boarding school in Surrey helped