We here at Risingshadow have always been eager to help people find new absorbing science fiction and fantasy books to read. Our book database contains over 40.000 speculative fiction books with reviews and it’s growing all the time. We will also get you informed about released and coming books! So there’s a lot to read for any bookworm, both new picks and old hidden pearls. Finding a good book from an enormous selection like this is not always an easy task!

However, we are excited to reveal you guys this, as a Risingshadow member, it’s now easier than ever to find new books of your own taste! When you build your very own virtual bookshelf here on Risingshadow, our brand-new book recommendation engine will study your taste in books and start to recommend book picks carefully chosen for You! The more books you read and rate, the more apposite recommendations you’ll get! Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

And what’s more, you can also peek at other people’s public bookshelves to see how similar book tastes you have! This is an easy way to find people who have same kind of interests and see which books they have been reading lately. How great matches do you think we’re gonna find?

To get started, just get your own Risingshadow account if you don’t have one already, and pick the first 10 books to your own virtual bookshelf by rating them with 1-5 stars. It’s fun and easy!

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