The popular fantasy author told in the new Pat's Fantasy Hotlist interview that her next book will return to the Realm of the Elderlings:


You recently said that there were six different projects you were toying with in regards to your next novel/series. In a post that created a ripple of excitement among your fans, you said that you were considering returning to the Rainwilds and that you missed Kennit. Have you made a decision as to what you will be writing next? Say yes!

Yes, I’ve made a decision. And one book will be set in the Rainwilds. And that is as much as I’m going to say about it right now, mostly to avoid setting expectations up. I will say, clearly, that I’m not going to write the ‘next chapter’ of Liveship Traders or pick up the previous cast and just extend their lives.

The other projects remain viable and are things I’ll continue to work at on the side. Some of them are unfolding in very interesting ways. Some are more Lindholm than Hobb. All of them are things I want to write. I’ve just decided that the Rain Wild story will come first.


Her latest book, Renegade's Magic, is now available in the UK version. US version will not be out until February 2008.