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Information about Nathaniel Sewell:

Nathaniel Sewell (1965 - currently above the clover) was born in Lexington, Kentucky. His first novel was Bobby's Socks. It was not a particularly happy story, but he hopes Fishing for Light might entice a smile.

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Information about Fishing for Light:

A story about Eddie, a twenty-something, he is lost in life, and lacks the light behind his eyes, but when Professor Quan realized the government used his genetic starter to create Ms. Prosperina, he devoted his life to eradicating her by spreading the universal bond within humanity’s genetic code, pure love, and Eddie's life suddenly mattered. Decades earlier, Professor Quan unlocked the genetic code; he discovered how to fight his cataclysmic mistake, Ms. Prosperina.

After he saw a shooting star, he randomly targeted a baby named Edward, altering his DNA with an intermixed cellular powder. But twenty-three years later, somewhere along Eddie’s life journey, he had lost the light behind his eyes. But when a secret IRS unit was nearby monitoring Eddie and his bumbling childhood friend’s conversation about peddling unique autographed material on WePay, they arrested Eddie’s friend for tax evasion.

In reality, the IRS was on a gestapo like mission to track down anyone trading living organic material that might lead them to Professor Quan and his laboratory where he hid the real Hope Diamond. Then Professor Quan became aware that Eddie’s cellular adjustment was flawed.

As Ms. Prosperina lurked behind the IRS, desperate to discover where Professor Quan hid two meteorites coated with her ancestral organic material; Professor Quan must solve the genetic riddle that swerved Eddie away from his destiny to fight pure evil.

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