You have an opportunity to win two exciting and extraordinary books published by Snuggly Books:

Jottings from a Far Away Place by Brendan Connell

Ranging on the fringes of imagination and erudition, forming a mosaic of stories, maxims and sketches, at once fragmentary and cumulative, Jottings from a Far Away Place combines the timeless, mannered assurance of the Eastern discursive essay with the experimentation of the Western avant-garde. As the focus shifts between fantastic tales and studies of viciousness, the reader is treated to, among myriad other things, the adventures of a Taoist guitar player, a bloody episode with Countess de Báthory, a recipe for cinnabar sauce, and the story of a man who has been reincarnated as a spoon.

A book that is like a collection of bulletins from the world of dreams.

Blue on Blue by Quentin S. Crisp

In an artificially engineered loop of parallel time called the Alternative States of the American Fifties, Victor Winton, a talented but unfulfilled cartoonist, struggles with the contradictory forces held in precarious stasis by the loop. While trying to create the perfect pin-up girl for his new comic-strip series, he becomes intrigued with an ‘ordinary girl’ by the name of Jenny Mills. As he struggles to harness the fascinations at work in his life, they expand beyond the range of his control and threaten a fulfilment for which he might not be ready.

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