The World Fantasy Convention is an annual gathering (almost a reunion) of professionals, collectors, and others interested in the field of Light and Dark Fantasy art and literature. This year the gathering was at  Saratoga, New York. The main features of the convention are the World Fantasy Awards.

The winners at this year are:

  • Special Award, Non-Professional: Gary K. Wolfe
  • Special Award, Professional: Ellen Asher
  • Best Artist: Shaun Tan
  • Best Collection: Map of Dreams, M. Rickert
  • Best Anthology: Salon Fantastique, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
  • Best Short Fiction: “Journey Into the Kingdom”, M. Rickert
  • Best Novella: “Botch Town”, Jeffrey Ford
  • Best Novel: Soldier of Sidon, Gene Wolfe
  • Life Achievement: Betty Ballantine & Diana Wynne Jones

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