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Recon (Convergence #4)
(Convergence #4) by Craig Alanson
May 7, 2024 | fantasy > urban fantasy

From New York Times bestselling author Craig Alanson comes book four in the Convergence series, melding action-packed urban fantasy with his signature humor. Read by none other than award-winning narrator R.C. Bray.

Kaz Wolfe has everything he needs to prevent a Convergence that would allow gods and monsters from the Nether to invade our world. Everything, other than a single clue about what a Convergence is. Or how it works. Or how to stop it. To get answers, he might have to take a fun-filled family road trip to the last place he wants to go: the Netherworld.

Seeker (The Sentinel Archives #1)
(The Sentinel Archives #1) by Samuel Griffin
May 14, 2024 | fantasy

Today I am equipped with the knowledge that my future was to be far greater, more exciting, and more disturbing than anything so simple as my young imagination could then conjure. Indeed, looking back, my forecast was positively quaint. I ask myself a question often, and it is this: if I had understood all that was to befall me, would I have run, that day, or exulted?

I find I do not know.

Ancient leviathans have stirred from their long slumber. Their scent song marks where they might be found, but only to those with the means to somewhat hear it: Sentinel Archivists.

Shay Bluefaltlow finds herself training to become such a specialist when she is forced into indentured servitude. Her new home, the city of Fivedock, is strange and bewildering, as are her new companions: a belligerent surgeon, a remarkable little boy, and a formidable Sentinel Archivist tasked with teaching Shay the terrifying ways of the trade.

Her unanticipated position requires forbidden knowledge, a sickening transformation and the strongest constitution. Shay is certain she is unequal to the prodigious task, but desperate to impress her superiors.

When war subsumes the Concord, the office of the Sentinel Archivist is threatened by a terrible betrayal. And Shay has secrets of her own…

Seeker is a first person fantasy with a rich, Regency-era voice and a bewitching touch of strangeness. Robin Hobb meets Georgette Heyer and Donna Tartt in this sumptuous tale by the enchanting new master of Flintlock Fantasy, Samuel Griffin.

Second Chance Swordsman 3 (Second Chance Swordsman #3)
Second Chance Swordsman 3
(Second Chance Swordsman #3) by Jakob Tanner
May 4, 2024 | fantasy

The past will be rewritten in blood…

It’s been two full years since Sam traveled back in time and his mission is far from finished.

A powerful new enemy has emerged and is bent on destroying the entire elven race.

Armed with knowledge from the future, only Sam can stop the new emerging threat.

Will Sam find the power to reshape history's path once again?

Skandar and the Chaos Trials (Skandar #3)
Skandar and the Chaos Trials
(Skandar #3) by A.F. Steadman
May 7, 2024 | fantasy, middle grade

Skandar faces his greatest challenge yet in the thrilling third installment of the Skandar series from New York Times bestselling author A.F. Steadman!

To survive their third year of training, Skandar and his friends must complete a series of terrifying trials across the Island’s elemental zones. Friendships, allegiances, and rider-unicorn bonds will be pushed to the limit—only the strongest will make it.

Meanwhile, Skandar’s sister, Kenna, has finally reached the Eyrie. But with a forged bond to a wild unicorn, she is alienated and alone. And when a terrible discovery puts the future of the Island in peril, all fingers point in one direction…

As suspicions grow and dark forces assemble, Skandar must decide where his loyalties lie. How far is he willing to go—for Kenna, and for the Eyrie?

Relever (Ironside Academy #4)
(Ironside Academy #4) by Jane Washington
May 27, 2024 | fantasy, romance > reverse harem

All that glimmers is not gold, but nothing glows quite like the gilded cage of Ironside Academy.

The Ironside Show is back. Bigger than ever, and shinier, too.

To the audience, it’s a glorious spectacle, but to Isobel Carter and the Alphas of Dorm A, it’s a trap. A maze. The further they venture, the darker their path becomes, until all the tarnish has flaked away and only the bare metal bars remain.

Every choice has a consequence. Sometimes, they are awarded pretty bribes in pretty packages. Other times, there is only pain. Whatever awaits them, they will have no choice but to forge ahead, each decision leading them deeper into a labyrinth of manipulation and danger.

Their goal: fame, at all costs.

Unfortunately, with fame comes scrutiny, and there’s one secret they can’t afford to reveal.

One beautiful, brutal secret that could bring it all crashing down.

Beware those that climb.

Beware those that fall.

Beware the pretty pretenders, because this social media game just got deadly serious.

The Primal Hunter 9 (The Primal Hunter #9)
The Primal Hunter 9
(The Primal Hunter #9) by Zogarth
May 8, 2024 | fantasy > urban fantasy, dystopia > urban fantasy

With the invasion of Earth handled, and an enemy Chosen now targeting him, Jake makes his final push for C-grade…

A final push that includes refining one last skill before he evolves. Once that’s done, all he needs is a few more levels and to finish off his bucket list of vanities before it’s time to evolve.

The evolution itself will have no surprises, right?

Jake will no doubt learn more about himself his quest to explore his own abilities, when of course some things don’t go entirely as expected… but little does Jake know just how much his happy little accidents can send tremors through the multiverse and the impact it can have.

Who knows, maybe the waves are big enough that it’s time to finally have a proper Chosen Ceremony, officially embracing his title as the Chosen of the Malefic Viper.

Beyond the Aetherial Veil (Odyssey of the Ethereal #2)
Beyond the Aetherial Veil
(Odyssey of the Ethereal #2) by Jamie Kojola
May 28, 2024 | fantasy

A heroic trio must continue to scale a soaring tower—and contend with its untrustworthy gods—in the second book of this witty portal fantasy.

Along with her self-assured dragon-cat Arkaziel and the ghostly elf Werylin, aqua-haired Aetheria has reached the fiftieth floor of the Tower of Aetherius. But she’s a little different than when she set out. For one thing, she’s a third-tier magic user. For another, her soul has been connected to the Origin, the source of Ethereal power, which is bombarding her with all kinds of emotions. Not to mention she’s having a little trouble desiring anyone but her soul-witch lover, Aoibhe. (Oops!)

Now, as the unlikely trio climbs the second half of the tower, they’ll fight flying puffer fish and packs of sharks, guard against kobolds and T-Rex team-ups, and negotiate with the hydra-like daughter of Tiamat. They’ll venture through halls of mirrors and catacombs of crystal. But hey, at least there are rewards. (An Idiot’s Guide to Core Creation, anyone? No? How about a mango?)

Along the way, Aetheria will be further changed— in ways she can’t even fathom—by the magic that flows through her body. And she’ll learn that, sometimes, the gods have plans they don’t tell you . . .

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Coming This Month

The Knight (The Last Horizon #3)
The Knight
(The Last Horizon #3) by Will Wight
June 11, 2024 | science fiction, fantasy

“As the Knight of The Last Horizon, I challenge you.”

The Last Horizon has already sown new legends across the galaxy, tales of monsters defeated and worlds saved. For better and for worse, their reputation is spreading.

Their enemies have taken notice.

On Karosha, the Perfected gather fleets crewed by inhumanly flawless soldiers. In the Galactic Union, the secretive organization known as Solstice pulls strings in the shadows. And in the depths of Dark Space, after years of silence, the ravenous D’Niss begin to stir.

Raion Raithe, Knight of The Last Horizon, sees these threats as a chance to redeem himself. He will stand against the danger, and he will stand strong, no matter what it costs.

His friends are counting on him.

God of War (Legacy of Gods #6)
God of War
(Legacy of Gods #6) by Rina Kent
June 13, 2024 | romance, dark, new adult

From USA Today bestselling author Rina Kent comes a new standalone enemies-to-lovers, marriage of convenience romance.

I fell for the villain.

It happened back when I was a clueless girl.

But he ruthlessly broke my heart and trapped it in a jar.

Since then, I’ve sworn to hate him to the end of my days.

Eli King might be a savage devil, but I’m out of his way. And league.

That is until I wake up in a hospital and find him holding my hand.

He tells me the words that change my life forever.

“We got married two years ago, Mrs. King.”

So I set out to investigate how I landed myself into this marriage.

Turns out, my memories are darker than my present.

I thought I was ready for the hurricane.

I thought I could handle his soulless eyes and cold shoulder.

I thought wrong.

Nothing can stop my husband.

Not the secrets surrounding us.

Not the hatred between us.

Not even me.

This book can be read on its own, but for a better understanding of the world, you might want to start with God of Malice.

The Mirrored Heavens (Between Earth and Sky #3)
The Mirrored Heavens
(Between Earth and Sky #3) by Rebecca Roanhorse
June 4, 2024 | fantasy > high fantasy

The interwoven destinies of the people of Meridian will finally be determined in this stunning conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Roanhorse’s Between Earth and Sky trilogy.

Even the sea cannot stay calm before the storm. —Teek saying

Serapio, avatar of the Crow God Reborn and the newly crowned Carrion King, rules Tova. But his enemies gather both on distant shores and within his own city as the matrons of the clans scheme to destroy him. And deep in the alleys of the Maw, a new prophecy is whispered, this one from the Coyote God. It promises Serapio certain doom if its terrible dictates are not fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Xiala is thrust back amongst her people as war comes first to the island of Teek. With their way of life and their magic under threat, she is their last best hope. But the sea won’t talk to her the way it used to, and doubts riddle her mind. She will have to sacrifice the things that matter most to unleash her powers and become the queen they were promised.

And in the far northern wastelands, Naranpa, avatar of the Sun God, seeks a way to save Tova from the visions of fire that engulf her dreams. But another presence has begun stalking her nightmares, and the Jaguar God is on the hunt.

Nominated for the Nebula, Lambda, Locus, and Hugo Awards, winner of the Alex Award from the American Library Association and the Ignyte Award from Fiyah magazine, the Between Earth and Sky trilogy is amongst our most lauded modern fantasy series from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA TODAY bestselling author Rebecca Roanhorse.

Winter Lost (Mercy Thompson #14)
Winter Lost
(Mercy Thompson #14) by Patricia Briggs
June 18, 2024 | fantasy > urban fantasy, romance > urban fantasy > paranormal romance

Mercy Thompson, car mechanic and shapeshifter, must stop a disaster of world-shattering proportions in this exhilarating entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

In the supernatural realms, there are creatures who belong to winter. I am not one of them. But like the coyote I can become at will, I am adaptable.

My name is Mercy Thompson Hauptman, and my mate, Adam, is the werewolf who leads the Columbia Basin Pack, the pack charged with keeping the people who live and work in the Tri-Cities of Washington State safe. It’s a hard job, and it doesn’t leave much room for side quests. Which is why when I needed to travel to Montana to help my brother, I intended to go by myself.

But I’m not alone anymore.

Together, Adam and I find ourselves trapped with strangers in a lodge in the heart of the wilderness, in the teeth of a storm of legendary power, only to discover my brother’s issues are a tiny part of a problem much bigger than we could have imagined. Arcane and ancient magics are at work that could, unless we are very careful, bring about the end of the world. . . .

Fate of the Sun King (Artefacts of Ouranos #3)
Fate of the Sun King
(Artefacts of Ouranos #3) by Nisha J. Tuli
June 4, 2024 | fantasy, romance

The highly anticipated third installment of the steamy Artefacts of Ouranos series journeys deeper into the glittering fae world as Lor puts both her life and her heart on the line in this enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance.

With the Heart Crown now in her possession, Lor must navigate the dangers of being an heir on the run, knowing more than one power-hungry ruler is after her blood. When she returns to Aphelion to unlock her magic and recover her family's legacy, it becomes clearer than ever that all that’s gold doesn’t sparkle. No stranger to battles, she continues to fight her attraction to the Aurora Prince, understanding this might be the one she finally loses.

As the past mixes with the present, Lor uncovers the truth about the Artefacts and their role in shaping her destiny. Now, her future hangs in the balance, leaving her closer than ever to getting everything she's ever wanted... or losing it all forever.

The Housemaid Is Watching (The Housemaid #3)
The Housemaid Is Watching
(The Housemaid #3) by Freida McFadden
June 11, 2024 | thriller, mystery

A twisting, pulse-pounding thriller from Freida McFadden, the New York Times bestselling author of The Housemaid and The Coworker

"You must be our new neighbors!" Mrs. Lowell gushes and waves across the picket fence. I clutch my daughter's hand and smile back: but the second Mrs. Lowell sees my husband a strange expression crosses her face. In that moment I make a promise. We finally have a family home. My past is far, far behind us. And I'll do anything to keep it that way…

I used to clean other people's houses―now, I can't believe this home is actually mine. The charming kitchen, the quiet cul-de-sac, the huge yard where my kids can play. My husband and I saved for years to give our children the life they deserve.

Even though I'm wary of our new neighbor Mrs. Lowell, when she invites us over for dinner it's our chance to make friends. Her maid opens the door wearing a white apron, her hair in a tight bun. I know exactly what it's like to be in her shoes. But her cold stare gives me chills… 

The Lowells' maid isn't the only strange thing on our street. I'm sure I see a shadowy figure watching us. My husband leaves the house late at night. And when I meet a woman who lives across the way, her words chill me to the bone: Be careful of your neighbors.

Did I make a terrible mistake moving my family here? 

I thought I'd left my darkest secrets behind. But could this quiet suburban street be the most dangerous place of all?

From New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Freida McFadden comes the next instalment of the unbelievably twisty, tension-packed and globally bestselling Housemaid series. This book can be enjoyed as a standalone read: and once you start, it will have you up all night racing through the pages until the final explosive twist. 

Echo of Worlds (Pandominion #2)
Echo of Worlds
(Pandominion #2) by M.R. Carey
June 25, 2024 | science fiction

Following the critically acclaimed Infinity Gate comes the second and final novel in the Pandominion by international bestselling M. R. Carey. A thrilling adventure set in the multiverse, it tells of humanity's expansion across millions of dimensions, and the AI technology that might see it all come to an end . . .

Two mighty empires are at war - and both will lose, with thousands of planets falling to the extinction event called the Scour. At least that's what the artificial intelligence known as Rupshe believes.

But somewhere in the multiverse there exists a force - the Mother Mass - that could end the war in an instant, and Rupshe has assembled a team to find it. Essien Nkanika, a soldier trying desperately to atone for past sins; the cat-woman Moon, a conscienceless killer; the digitally recorded mind of physicist Hadiz Tambuwal; Paz, an idealistic child and the renegade robot spy Dulcimer Coronal.

Their mission will take them from the hellish prison world of Tsakom to the poisoned remains of a post-apocalyptic Earth, and finally bring them face to face with the Mother Mass itself. But can they persuade it to end eons of neutrality and help them? And is it too late to make a difference?

Because the Pandominion's doomsday machines are about to be unleashed - and not even their builders know how to control them.

Discover the conclusion to the spectacular Pandominion duology - an exhilarating science fiction series from the author of the million-copy bestseller The Girl With All the Gifts. Perfect for fans of The Space Between Worlds, The Long Earth and Children of Time.

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