The Dragon Brigade

In this swashbuckling epic fantasy series from New York Times best selling authors Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes, daring dragon-riders fight to save a uniquely magical world from destruction by vengeful outcasts.

In a magical world, two enemy kingdoms have long sought a weapon that will win lasting dominance. But then both are attacked by the Bottom-Dwellers, bitter people whose own land was destroyed. Using contramagic strengthened by blood sacrifice, they threaten to bring down whole cities. Freya and Rosia must put aside their age-old conflict to defend themselves.

The Dragon Brigade consists of three books. The current recommended reading order for the series is provided below.

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Updated January 6, 2023

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Speculative Fiction Books

(The Dragon Brigade #1 / 3)
2011 | fantasy, high fantasy
(The Dragon Brigade #2 / 3)
2013 | fantasy, high fantasy
(The Dragon Brigade #3 / 3)
2014 | fantasy, high fantasy