The Eldest Curses

The Eldest Curses is a trilogy of books (The Red Scrolls of Magic, The Lost Book of the White, and The Black Volume of the Dead) that tell the story of Magnus and Alec’s adventures together, starting with an action-packed trip to Europe set just after they began dating. Co-written with Wesley Chu, the books will be a rollicking and romantic romp intended to give readers a closer look at these two fan favorite characters and their love story.

The Eldest Curses consists of two works, and the series is set to expand with the upcoming release of one more book. The current recommended reading order for the series is provided below.

Main series Shadowhunters

Updated January 6, 2023

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Speculative Fiction Books

(The Eldest Curses #1 / 3)
2019 | fantasy, urban fantasy
(The Eldest Curses #2 / 3)
2020 | fantasy, urban fantasy
(The Eldest Curses #3 / 3)
2023 | fantasy, urban fantasy | Release date 2023