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Search improvements

171 days ago
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Darkki (admin)
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We have made improvements for a search that now you will get better results when searching genre and year.

Example these searches will now take you to the right place immediately:
- best fantasy books of 2023
- young adult 2023
- 2023
170 days ago
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Darkki (admin)
247 rated books, 87 posts
New features! Now you're able to get book lists from decades and even centuries.

If you search for books older than 2 years old you will get a book list from that decade. Like searching "best science fiction books 1976" will get you a book list from 1970s best books (1970-1979).

For getting a book list by target century you need to make a search where the year is older than 1910. Like searching "fantasy books 1901" will get you a best books list from the 19th century (1900-1999). All these decades and centuries by genre are also shown on genre's page.