Now or Never (Stephanie Plum #31)
Now or Never (Stephanie Plum #31) by Janet Evanovich
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Sons of Valor Book 4 (Sons of Valor #4)
Sons of Valor Book 4 (Sons of Valor #4) by Brian Andrews
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Wings of Fire Book 16 (Wings of Fire #16)
Wings of Fire Book 16 (Wings of Fire #16) by Tui T. Sutherland
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Book 9

D. L. Keur
D. L. Keur

Publishing since the last couple of decades of the 20th Century, and self-publishing since 2013, Dawn has chosen to independently publish, enjoying the freedom and the control it gives her over her work. As an independent author, she writes all kinds of books — novels and short stories, but some non-fiction, too. Usually, she writes her fiction under several of her numerous pen names, like E. J. Ruek, C. J. “Country” James, plus her "space fiction" under the name, Aeros. With the release of The Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries, she’s decided to write as herself, mostly because many of the dogs included in these crime and search-and-rescue dog novels have been personal to her life.

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When will book 9 be released in the Jessie Anderson k-9 series?
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Release date is July 2, 2024.
Furtive Prey (Jessica Anderson #9) by D. L. Keur
Furtive Prey
Jessica Anderson #9
by D. L. Keur

Stolen top secret technology, and Jessie's dogs are in desperate pursuit of the theives who took it.

It's March in the Bitterroots—still winter—and Jessie and Landon are on their way home from their honeymoon when an HSI special agent and U.S. Marshals jerk Landon out of the car and whisk him off in a helicopter. From there, a crisis of national security proportions pits Sheriff Landon Reid against the Department of Homeland Security, with the FBI's regional director, Special-Agent-in-Charge Andy Newsome, stuck in the middle after a very advanced organoid intelligence—an experimental biocomputer using lab-grown human brain tissue infused with AI—is stolen from the DARPA lab out of Twin Falls, Idaho …and its signal emanates from somewhere in Bitterroot County. They just can't find it. But maybe Jessie's dogs can.

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