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Titel book 5 Witchlight

Witchlight (The Witchlands #5) by Susan Dennard
The Witchlands #5
by Susan Dennard

The highly-anticipated finale in Susan Dennard's New York Times bestselling Witchlands series.

Paths converge and prophecies unfold as Safi and Iseult—the legendary Cahr Awen—fight their way across the Witchlands to heal the final Origin Well. With ancient figures rising from the past, the Raider King’s armies gathering for war, and the magic at the heart of everything dying too fast, the entire world is now on the brink of collapse.

But when Safi and Iseult reach the Air Well with the Bloodwitch Aeduan at their side, they discover too late that Eridysi's Lament is not the prophecy they thought it was—and their journeys are only just beginning.

255 days ago
The author has announced that her next and last book of The Witchlands main-series, will be titeled Witchlight and that it is expected to be published in the summer of 2024.

This is the fifth book of the Witchlands series or the sixt book depending on: if you do or do not include in your counting Book 2.1-Sightwitch*.
Author Susan Dennard herself, reffers on her website to the in the summer of 2024 to be released book, as book 6 of The Witchlands Series (including the Witchlands-novel: Sightwitch).
A bookdescription is not yet available at this time.

She has also announced that there may be another Witchlands novel comming.

* Note: If you haven't read the novel Sightwitch yet, do read it, or you will be missing out on The Witchlands series.
• It is a must read full bookstory (the word diary confused some readers into thinking it was just a background notebook, it is not, it's a full bookstory) taking place in The Witchlands and features sightwitch sister Ryber Fortiza and captain Kullen Ikray amoung others and is about Eridysi and the paladins, who are a major part of the main series story.
• Also good to know: it's a great quality book, the only reason there is just a U.S.A.-edition of it and no U.K.-edition, is because of deadline-issues to get the book out in time for publishing.
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