Risingshadow has had the honour of interviewing Michelle E. Lowe.

Michelle E. Lowe is the author of The WarningAtlantic Pyramid, Cherished Thief, the action adventure/fantasy novel with the elements of steampunk, titled Legacy. Children's books, Poe's Haunted House Tour, and the three part adventure children's series, The Hex Hunt. She is also a mother, wife, and painter. Her works in progress are the continuations for Legacy.



- Could you tell us something about yourself in your own words?

I’m a Georgia born native who has spent most of my life near the Atlanta area before pulling up stakes and moving clear across the country with my husband, Ben, and our two daughters. I’m a big nerd at heart. I love reading science-fiction and fantasy and enjoy watching old B horror films. I also get a kick out of playing classic Atari video games and I like oil painting as a hobby.

I’m a daydreamer and an animal lover. My works include several published novels such as The Warning, Cherished Thief, Atlantic Pyramidand Children’s books, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and The Hex Hunt series. My latest published escapade is my steampunk/fantasy novels, titled Legacy, and Legacy: The Reunion, the first two out of a six-part series.

- What inspired you to become a speculative fiction author?

I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy and adventure stories. I grew up watching movies like Indiana Jones and The Neverending Story, cartoons like She-Ra and ThunderCats. I would imagine myself there in those worlds, sharing those adventures. Even before I decided that I wanted to pursue writing as a career, I always had this desire to tell my own fictional tales. I suppose, I just wanted to be part of such a magical thing.

- You’re the author of the Legacy series. What kind of a series is it?

This is the kind of series that has a little of everything for everyone. Steampunk, fantasy, mystery, suspense. It begins just as the Industrial Revolution is taking its hold on the world. There are plenty of inventions and machines throughout, such as a Spanish galleon capable of producing its own wind power, the world’s first airship, a cryo chamber that promises to bring the dead back to life, robotic limbs, and all that fun stuff!

Yet, the series also has a genuine human side to it. Each character has his or her own agenda and goes through tremendous obstacles to achieve them. A lot of the main characters look out for one another and care deeply for each other. In this world of mechanics and engineering, there’s also this strong human element that I believe readers will appreciate.

- What is the target audience of this series? How would you advertise this series to potential readers?

These stories are for adults who enjoy a little bit of action and adventure in their diet.😉 The characters are complex and unpredictable, and every book takes place in a new location with different storylines. To learn more about the Legacy series, please visit: http://bit.ly/2vU7jxZ

- The second novel, Legacy: The Reunion, will be published in April 2018. What kind of a novel is it? What can readers expect from it?

This is a fun continuation of the first, with more action that includes a dash of mystery. It is also a love story without it being too gushy, and has plenty of humor to go around. I think readers will be entertained and perhaps intrigued to read the rest of the series as the books come out.

- Is there anything you could tell us about the characters (Pierce Landcross and Taisia Kuzentsov) in Legacy: The Reunion?

Pierce is England’s most infamous thief of the 19th century. He was born into a Gypsy family and was raised nomadic until he and his older brother, Joaquin, got separated from the troupe as children. Pierce is highly intelligent and crafty with a sharp wit to match. He’s a charmer without even trying and is very easy on the eyes. He will not think twice about putting himself in harm’s way to save someone he cares for. He’s also flawed and always stumbles into trouble.

Taisia is a remarkable woman. She is very brave and kind-hearted, who will do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves. Taisia had grown up, performing as an acrobat in a Russian circus, but her heart yearned for more, and so she left to find her own way. She is as bright as she is beautiful and her captivating personality has a way to draw people to her. Sometimes her passion runs away with her, and she can, at times, jump to conclusions in an instant. All in all, Taisia is a strong-willed, compassionate woman who takes no flak from anyone.

- What inspired you to write about Pierce Landcross and Taisia Kuzentsov? Are they based on real people or are they products of your imagination?

They’re both products of my own creation. When developing a person for my stories I always strive to come up with unique traits for them, not only with Pierce and Taisia, but with my other characters as well. With every character, I try to incorporate an edge and uniqueness that’ll stick with the reader long after they’ve finished with the novel. With that being said, what inspired me about these two was that I knew when I began writing this series, I was going to be living with certain characters for a long while, and so wanted to create people I enjoy writing about. Pierce and Taisia are certainly these types of characters.

- What has been the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the writing process? And what has been the most challenging part?

The most fun was coming up with all these new ideas and getting them down on paper. The most challenging part was coming up with all these new ideas and getting them down on paper. Some days as a writer, the story just swims blissfully out of your head, and before you know it, you’ve got thousands of words written. Most days the ideas don’t swim but rather drift lazily in a pool, not really doing much else. You find yourself staring blankly at your monitor screen or notebook pad, struggling to get one damn sentence down. It’s tough pulling an entire story out of thin air, but when storytellers do it’s truly magical.

- Is there anything you’d like to add?

Each Legacy book was a treat to write. I wanted it to be the best series I could produce, so I spent a year and a half writing out each book back-to-back. In doing so, it’s left me with plenty of room to revise each manuscript and add in details to connect every story flawlessly together, even the standalone book, Boom Time, and also the next series I am now working on, The Age of the Machine.

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