Risingshadow has had an opportunity to interview Weiqi Wang.

About the author:

While people may think 'magic fantasy authors' are the opposite of 'scientists', Weiqi Wang preserves his own opinions. As a D. Phil (Doctor of Philosophy, but it actually means a scientific doctor) on bioengineering graduated from Oxford University, Weiqi loves to be both. After all, philosophy is to explain the world; some choose to use scientific languages, some put it also in fantasy.

His latest novel is Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet.

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About Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet:

Due to a shocking discovery, Soarame now has to undertake a new dangerous journey with his friends. He must cross the largest, most deadly ocean in the world. Battling more powerful, evil wizards, he was forced to escape underwater, and stay in the bottom of the ocean for weeks. But how could a teenage boy survive underwater, especially that there were lethal creatures down there? And what further perils are waiting for him, if he really survives?


- Could you tell us something about yourself in your own words?

I’m a scientist and an engineer, I’d like to see myself as a philosopher, too. I couldn’t stop thinking about extreme philosophical questions since I was little, such as how the universe exists. So, my style is open-minded and borderless imagination, plus humor when it fits, and I’m brave enough to try to bridge magic with physical science. If we think about it, the concept of “magic” originated from the observation of something that we cannot explain, something deemed supernatural, which does not mean it’s not scientific. If I wasn't a scientist and hadn’t been thinking critically about philosophical questions such as the origin of the universe, I wouldn’t be able to build the world in this series.

- How did you become interested in speculative fiction?

It’s just something that flows in my blood. I like to imagine things ever since I was little. With time, I realize that I can write reasonably well, so here I am.

- You're the author of the Code of Rainbow saga. What kind of a series is it?

It’s a unique genre that I believe not to exit yet. I call it Science-Magic-Fantasy, shorten as “SMF”, double-meaning as “so much fun”. In this series, I built a magic world but all the magic here can be explained by our physical science at the end of the day. So it’s not just “magic magic”, but “scientific magic”. Although, in the very beginning it reads like a traditional magic fantasy, and many of my readers actively compare it to Harry Potter, because the main character (Soarame) goes to a magic school. But the school life only last two books because I mean to only use the school to better explain to the readers the magic in this series, as if they were learning with Soarame. In book 3 (released a month ago) Soarame graduated and entered the “real world” for his real adventures. Since book 2 and 3, the scientific part has already kicked in. Eventually, readers will see that all the magic Soarame learned from school and further can be explained by scientific theories in our real physical world.

- What is the target audience of the Code of Rainbow saga? Is it aimed at adults or young adults?

Young adults. But my readers actively claimed that it’s good for all ages. All their reviews can be seen on amazon.com

- Your latest novel is "Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet". Is it a direct sequel to the previous novel or is it a standalone novel?

It’s a direct sequel. Readers are supposed to read book 1&2 first to get the best reading experience.

- Could you tell us something about this novel? What can readers expect from it?

The short answer is: they could expect something that they’ve never seen before. From world building and magic system, to storyline and writing style. This is a pioneered work in merging sci-fi with magic fantasy and my writing style is different from mainstream, as my readers have already claimed in their amazon reviews.

- Is there anything you could tell us about the characters in "Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet”?

Sure. This started from the first book “Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal”. Here the “soaring flame” is how the main character, Soarame, got his name. And “magimal” is the title for magic-gifted animal - animals that can perform magic. Therefore, this world is full of magimals - some as adorable as a kitten (such as Soarame’s bond magimal, Snower), but some as dangerous as dragons. The details are there for the readers to enjoy and surprise themselves!

- Is there anything you'd like to add?

I want my readers, especially the younger ones, to be aware of this kind of issues of the mistreatment of animals, not just magimals, and get educated in the right direction. Animals and humans are both lives. Treating them with love is one of the most basic and fundamental disciplines and deeds of goodness. We also need to protect environment and treasure all kinds of resources. Appreciate and maintain the era of peace as of now. This world doesn’t owe us peace; we need to maintain it by ourselves.

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