An interview with Jay Miles

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Risingshadow has had an opportunity to interview Jay Miles.

Jay Miles

Jay Miles had many interests while growing up, video games and movies played a big role in developing his understanding of the world and led him to write The Mariverse. Jay had always been keen on making stories about worlds he could imagine, using inspiration from things that he'd watched and played, using logical thinking about how things work and function. This mixture is what creates his stories. In real life, Jay is a very creative, positive and happy person, with many secrets in his head, creating mysteries in his stories for other people to solve. That way, he could get people to think like he thinks, have them see the many worlds that he sees.

The Mariverse by Jay Miles
The Mariverse
by Jay Miles

A novella.

Curiosity is like a bunch of doors waiting to be opened...

Are you willing to open this door?

When a young girl named V finds herself in a strange place with vague, jumbled-up memories in her head, she will discover a new life outside her own world, but when she finds out that she had died in the past, she wonders and finds out what happened to her as she meets new faces from different worlds. It's time to explore the worlds beyond worlds.

This book is based on the theory and imagination of Jay Miles, who wanted to show his thoughts and idea to others so they can understand him and how he sees the world and existence itself.


- Could you tell us something about yourself in your own words?

My name is Jay Miles, I’m 21 years old, born in Chelmsford, Essex and I love to play video games, I am currently a student studying in games design but have a heavy interest with writing.

- How did you become an author? Have you always been in interested in writing stories?

I have been interested with story writing, if I can remember correctly, I had an interest with writing when I was in primary school, back when I didn’t understand anything and just be myself, and from there I attempt to write ideas and stories. In secondary school, I remember that I tried to write 2 stories, though neither of them had a strong story structure and I was just putting down words from my inspirations. It wasn’t until the end of my secondary school year that I wanted to write a book, a completed book based on what I understand. It has taken me 3 years to fully write, edit and publish the book and I felt proud of the work I’ve done.

- Have any novels or stories been an important source of inspiration to you?

My inspiration was from the media and understanding of my own perspective, though the strongest inspiration would be from a cartoon series called Gravity Falls, I loved the mystery of the show and secrets that can be covered, as well as the characters that I adore, it pretty much gave me the inspiration to put in ciphers and codes in the Mariverse as Gravity Falls put hidden codes and ciphers in different scenes of different episodes.

I can even say that if it wasn’t for Gravity Falls, I would never discover the Mariverse.

- You're the author of The Mariverse. What inspired you to write this novella?

Before I started writing the Mariverse, I was in a bad moment in my life, it was the peak of my understanding, I called it my ‘psychotic phase’ where I was starting to think that I’ve gone crazy because I couldn’t understand the meaning of existence. In fact, my psychotic phase might have been with me my entire life and I didn’t know it, I was imagining stories as I go along, mainly characters that I like growing up and try to give some sort of connection with me, though what I think mostly shifts as I grew older, it was when the psychotic phase that I start to lose myself, even to the point where I feared that I would become a different person once my imagination was gone.

Then I thought about the Mariverse, a theory that I created to think of the worlds beyond worlds, I actually believe that the Mariverse is real, that I wanted to escape this reality go to other realities, unfortunately, I can’t. So I decided to make a story about my theory to give such an idea to what would happen if someone like me managed to travel to other worlds. In a way, I wanted to let out what I understand to others in hopes that they can understand my perspective.

- Is there anything you could tell us about this novella and its story without spoilers?

As I’ve mentioned before, this novella doesn’t just have a story, but it shows my understanding of existence, the novella is filled with both entertaining and informative detail about the Mariverse, I can tell you more, but I fear that I would let out spoilers, so I recommend reading the book.

- Could you tell us something about the characters in your novella?

I can tell you about two characters, the Protector and the FWM.

1: The Protector

The Protector isn’t just inspired and based on me, but I feel that the Protector is rather a version of myself, one where if I did have the ability to travel the worlds beyond worlds, I would do the exact same things that the Protector does in this novella, there are many elements of the Protector that was part of my psychotic phase and the character would be someone that I feared to what I would have become if I didn’t think about writing this book.

2: The FWM

The FWM is both an interesting character and my own burden, a character that was given so much power that she has more control of the novella than I have. She is a character who is aware that she is in a fictional story and tries to give a unique surprise to make readers notice her. She does this by making ‘edits’ in the wording, commenting on the story itself. She’s also mysterious with a hidden identity, one that only I know, and it will remain that way until the later future or if someone figured it out, I can tell you that she does have an actual identity but I won’t tell.

I know that this story is fictional, but I sometimes feel that the FWM is a real person living in a fictional world.

- Do you explore any themes in your novella?

Yes. The main theme of the Mariverse is pretty much what the Mariverse suppose to be, which covers the theme of the Multiverse, the endless possibilities of what could have been. Going back to my strongest inspiration, Gravity Falls, I wasn’t just inspired by the series itself, but rather more inspired from their fan-made AUs (short for ‘Alternative Universe’) I’ve seen the different AUs made by fans who thought of what the same story could change to create something interesting, and shows how the characters would change if such differences are made. The AU I loved the most for Gravity Falls would be ‘Gravity Rises’ where the character’ personalities swapped, creating new characters using the same people.

The idea of AUs inspired me heavily towards the characters in the novella. In fact, the characters in the Mariverse are more like AU variations, you just can’t tell who they are. That’s the depth I’ve explored with the multiverse theme in the making of the Mariverse.

- How would you advertise your novella to potential readers?

I am aware that my Novella wouldn’t become very popular or read by a mass audience, I can say that my book seems niche, but I do the best I can to let people know about my book when appropriate, even if I wouldn’t be read by millions, at least it’s out there for someone to come across and read it.

All I can say here is that if you’re interested to learn something new, or wanted to see a different perspective of existence, along with a story about someone discovering said something new, then the Mariverse would be a good pick to read.

- Is there anything you'd like to add?

To conclude this interview and something that can be helpful in mind for future readers of my stories. the Mariverse isn’t just my first published book, not just a simple story with an interesting concept, not just the start of my writing career, but the ground base of my full imagination, everything that I’ve worked on or will work on, will be in some way, shape and form, part of the Mariverse existence and canon.

For now, this is just the beginning of my long journey, as I continue to write new stories for people to read, I will continue the Mariverse as it's within my endless cycle...