An excerpt from Alchemy's Air by Stacey L. Tucker

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Risingshadow has the honour of featuring an excerpt from Alchemy's Air by Stacey L. Tucker.

About the author:

Stacey L. Tucker uses the action/adventure genre to bridge science and spirituality in her Equal Night series. Tucker's first book in the trilogy, Ocean's Fire, took gold at the Living Now Book Awards and she's looking to make magic again with Book 2, Alchemy's Air. She has written for Women's World, Working Mother, and PopSugar, and speaks to teen groups about self-empowerment and awareness in today's social media-saturated climate.

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About Alchemy's Air:

Skylar Southmartin is not the naïve girl she was a short year ago. She’s made some mistakes and learned a few secrets to life, all the while clinging to the faith her mother instilled in her as a child... in herself. And now that she has discovered her life’s purpose within the pages of the ancient Book of Sophia, she knows what she must do: restore a vital memory to the Akashic Library, located deep within the Underworld of Earth. This library is sought after by many who are aware of its existence, for they know the future of human potential rests at its core.

Meanwhile, Devlin Grayer has been elected as the 46th President of the United States and his wife, Milicent, is miserable in her new role as First Lady - especially because the Great Mothers have asked Milicent to use her new status to help their cause, and she has no interest in tackling that task.

With the help of friends in the unlikeliest of places, Skylar’s journey reveals the significance of the darkness within all of us, and its potential to save or destroy the most precious part of us all: our soul.

Publishing date: May 2019.


"Our memories also change with time. You've experienced that, yes? They talk of time healing all wounds. But time can freeze wounds just as easily. One can get stuck in the patterns of the past, or the manipulations of others. Those are the true tragedies, to be stuck in someone else's version of the truth. You feel that way now, stuck in your parent's version. But that was before. Now you know the facts; you can move forward in your own truth."

Bea waved her hand in the warm night air and swirls of clouds took human form. They danced about like children in the moonlight.

"But Skylar, there is a greater mission now. The memory of the Earth, the Akasha was manipulated long ago. We were there when it happened, Ocean, Vivienne, and me. We watched the world crumble before our eyes in the age of Aries. There was nothing we could do. Lucifer and the black magicians of Atlantis united to rule the world in the Piscean Age. This planet has seen great advances but has also suffered greatly. We've stood by powerless as the core of earth has been pillaged over and over through the course of time."

Bea's sylph-like clouds played out the drama in the night sky. Some grew taller and darker; others cowered with fear from an unseen force.

"Now the Aquarian cycle has begun. Aquarius is the revelation of the free spirit. You were incarnated at this exact time in history to fulfill the vitally important task of restoring that fractured memory of the Akasha."

Skylar stared at her grandmother with wide eyes. "That's what I gathered from Sophia's book."

"When you restore the Akashic memory, you will have fulfilled the destiny waiting in your heart."

"I carry someone else's heart," Skylar said. It was the first time she spoke of Rhia to Beatrice.

"This is so. Your burden carries with it the destiny of all women. We all carry the heart of another within us—our mothers, our children. I see your outward changes," she touched Skylar's hair. "But they are just a symbol that your spiritual eyes are opening. You are beautiful in your metamorphosis. Even if you do let that hair hang in your face." Skylar smiled. Her grandmother couldn't let a compliment go by without a dig right behind it.

The night sky had become a stage for Beatrice's grand show. The clouds wafted in front of the moon, creating shapes of women dancing by. Their wild hair flowed free and their demeanor, mischievous, playful. The diorama she created with her hands transformed from fearful beings into angels with wings and unicorns . . . all delights from the imagination of children.