Caractacus Plume's The Curious Case of the Kensington Kidnapping was published by Silvatici Publishing in October 2018.

About Caractacus Plume:

Caractacus Plume is the official biographer of Lyons & Hound Paranormal Investigation Agency (est. 1895). Because of the highly sensitive nature of the Agency's work, some of the names in the upcoming manuscripts have been changed to protect the identities of certain individuals (the author's included).

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About The Curious Case of the Kensington Kidnapping:

London 1902. The esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est 1895) is called in to help solve the curious case of perhaps the most famous of all kidnappings - remembered to history as the "Peter Pan Mystery". As Professor Lyons and Mr Hound struggle to solve the diabolical diorama, they must delve into the dark and disturbing back streets, dim alleyways and dismal rookeries of the supernatural underworld of early Edwardian London; encountering along the way - gruesome Goblin gangs and weird and wonderful were-beasts. And, if all that wasn’t enough, they must also cross swords with, and outwit, the most celebrated private consulting detective of them all!


Caractacus Plume is an author whose books have made a huge impression on me. My first acquaintance with the author's books was a few months ago when I read The Undead King of New York City, which is the first book about the adventures and paranormal investigations of Professor Lyons and Mr Hound. I was deeply impressed by what I read and I found myself yearning for more, because I liked how fresh, captivating and atmospheric the book was.

Because I enjoyed the first book and was pleased with its quality, I'm glad to say that The Curious Case of the Kensington Kidnapping is an excellent and fully satisfying sequel that doesn't disappoint readers. After laying out the foundation for further happenings in the first book, the author now delves deeper into the world of Professor Lyons and Mr Hound and delivers an excellent story that is filled with mystery and strange events. This book is a perfect blend of adventure, mystery, horror and supernatural elements with a touch of humour.

Just like the first book, this book features extraordinary characters, surprises, dastardly deeds and - of course - plenty of supernatural action. There's also humour in this book, because the author has a charming way of spicing up the story with humorous elements, which add lightness to the happenings. In addition, there are many details in the story, because the author has infused the story with tiny bits and pieces of information that will fascinate readers and capture their attention.

In this book, Miss Nellie Newlands, who works as a nanny for Mr and Mrs Dearlove, arrives at 44 Griffith Avenue in Winbledon, London. There, she meets Professor Lyons, Mr Hound and Madame Wu. She tells them that the children she looks after have been visited by a mysterious boy called Jack and believes that they were abducted by the Faeries, because they vanished mysteriously. Professor Lyons, Mr Hound and Madame Wu agree to help Nellie and begin to investigate the strange disappearance of the Dearlove children. During their investigations, they cross paths with a famous detective and find themselves solving a diabolical mystery that leads them to the supernatural underworld of early Edwardian London...

This marks the beginning of a highly enjoyable and immersive story that whisks readers off on an adventure to the world of strange events and even stranger beings.

The characterisation is immersive and spot-on. The author's way of writing about the main characters and their characteristics is highly entertaining, because each of the main characters - Cornelius 'Dandy' Lyons (Professor Lyons), Mr Hound (The Hound Who Hunts Nightmares) and Madame Wu - is fascinating and well-created. Together, these three characters form a paranormal detective agency and solve unusual mysteries that can't be solved by normal means. They are resourceful and brave characters who boldly solve various paranormal mysteries.

It's great that the author also pays attention to minor characters, because they're fascinating and provide additional depth to the story. It was especially intriguing to read about Miss Nellie Newlands, because she has a secret that she keeps hidden from the Dearlove family. Nobby the the Knock is also quite an unforgettable character, because he's a goblin criminal lord. Without giving away too much information about the minor characters and how they are connected to the story, I'd like to add that it was fun to read about a certain thief, because he is quite an unusual character.

One of the best things about this book is that the author effortlessly creates an atmospheric and effective vision of Edwardian London where strange things happen and supernatural beings roam the streets and dark alleys, hiding from people and doing their deeds in secrecy. The atmospheric depictions about the various places and events make for an exciting and immersive read, because the author has an ability to pull the reader into the story with skillfull writing.

The Brotherhood of the Bucca is an excellent addition to the story, because it's an infamous nest of vipers that is feared and despised throughout the Fae World. This allows the author to explore what kind of dastardly criminal deeds happen among the supernatural beings and what kind of underground criminal activity can be found in Edwardian London when one dares to venture into dark places.

I was impressed by how fluently the author writes about the supernatural beings and their history in this book, because nothing feels forced or contrived. It was intriguing to read about what has happened in the past and how things have changed over the years, because mankind has gained more power and magic seems to slowly fade away from the world.

I also want to mention that what makes the story work well is the author's swift and jovial prose and immersive writing style. There's something about the author's writing style that slightly reminds me of such authors as Vaughn Entwistle and G.S. Denning (it's also possible to detect a faint touch of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-like storytelling in the story, because the paranormal investigations are carried out in an entertaining way). I think that readers who are familiar with J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan will enjoy this book very much, because the story is an ingenious re-telling of Peter Pan. I won't mention more about this subject, because I don't want to reveal too much information about the happenings.

Before I finish this review, I have to mention that I enjoyed reading about what the author wrote about the famous Baker Street detective, Sherlock Holmes. It's great that he makes an appearance in the story, because the author's way of writing about him and his quirks is highly entertaining.

It's also good to point out that one of the main reasons why the prose excellent is the author's use of various turns of phrase and expressions to enhance the reading experience. Some of these turns of phrases and expressions are seldom seen in modern books.

The Notes section at the end of the book is useful and informative, because it allows readers to check certain things. The notes bring quite a lot of depth to the story, because they enhance the reading experience by clarifying many things.

If you love fantasy fiction and enjoy mystery stories, Caractacus Plume's The Curious Case of the Kensington Kidnapping should be at the top of your reading list, because it's a thoroughly enjoyable book. In my opinion, this little gem of a book should not be missed by anybody, because it's marvellous entertainment to everybody who loves good and fast-paced stories with surprising twists and turns.

Highly recommended!

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