Gary Fry's The House of Canted Steps was published in September 2010 by PS Publishing.

Gary Fry is the author of four short story collections and a novella. The House of Canted Steps is Gary Fry's debut novel.

Gary Fry's official website can be found here.


The House of Canted Steps is a short horror novel about a haunted house.

Here's some information about the characters: The main character is Mark Cookson, who's a divorced real estate agent. His ex-wife is Gayle, whose new man is Justin. Mark and Gayle's son is Lewis.

In the beginning of this novel Mark goes to a house, which is owned by Eric Johnson. Eric wants to get rid of the house as soon as possible, so Mark decides to sell house. Mark has a strange feeling about the house, but he thinks that he only imagines things. The house is soon sold to his ex-wife, who's looking for a bigger house for her new family. When Mark hears about what's been happening in the house, he's terrified because his son, Lewis, will be living in the house... and things get worse when Lewis sees the Blood Boy.

There were some rough spots in this novel. For example, the prose was a bit awkward at times, but – to be honest – that didn't bother me much, because it added a bit of roughness and edginess to the story.

The best thing about this novel was that it managed to portray modern stepfamily related problems without preaching. Gary Fry wrote easily and convincingly about these problems. The characters were realistic and believable, and the conversations between characters (especially between Mark and Gayle) were also realistic. I liked the prologue and the epilogue very much.

In my opinion The House of Canted Steps combined horror and mystery elements in a nice and enjoyable way. I think it's good Gary Fry wrote a short novel, because additional pages would've probably ruined this compact story. Considering that The House of Canted Steps is Gary Fry's first novel, he's done a pretty good job with all the elements.

If you like short and entertaining horror novels, The House of Canted Steps will be of interest to you. It's good and harmless horror entertainment for a dark autumn evening.

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