Jason M. Tucker is a new horror and dark fantasy writer. He is the author of three collections. His first collection, Meat City and Other Stories, was published in 2010 by Black Bed Sheet Books.

Uneasy Reading: 4 Horror Shorts was published in May 2011 as an e-book.

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Here's a description of Uneasy Reading: 4 Horror Shorts:

Uneasy Reading is a collection of four short horror stories. The collection, at nearly 11,000 words, also includes an excerpt from the upcoming vampire/crime novella Wetwork.

The little tastes of horror found in Uneasy Reading include:

"Dead Favors" – Martin hates Silver Point and all of the rotten memories his old hometown holds. He's only returning because his father is finally dead and because Cassie needs Martin to help with some unpleasant work.

"Rorschach's Vampires" – Only Gordon sees them. They change shape and they tell him what to do. They demand things and he's more than willing to give in to their needs.

"Worst Thing I Ever Did" – What's the worst thing you've ever done? Find out the terrible thing one man did in this short zombie tale.

"God's Food" – Here is a dark retelling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale of the same name.

Excerpt from Wetwork: Joey 'Nine' is a first class killer, a hitman who gets the job done no matter the mess. But now he has to contend with a former crime boss who wants him dead and a shifty drug dealer with the munchies. When the damned vampires show up, they don't make things any easier.

And here's the review:


Jason M. Tucker's Uneasy Reading: 4 Horror Shorts is an excellent short story collection. It contains four different kind of horror short stories, which will be of interest to horror fans.

Earlier today I reviewed Jason M. Tucker dark fantasy collection, Blood, Magic & a Concubine: 3 Dark Urban Fantasy Tales, which was a fascinating collection. I immediately liked the author writing style, because the stories were good. Now that I've read this collection I like his writing style even more than before, because he's without a doubt a versatile and imaginative author.

This collection contains two mini short stories, which are amazingly good stories, because Jason M. Tucker's mini short stories are just as good as his normal short stories. He creates horror and uneasiness with little things and doesn't necessarily need several pages to describe horrible events.

Jason M. Tucker writes fluently about zombies, ghosts and other things. His prose is surprisingly sharp and descriptive, and he has his own writing style. As a long time fan of horror fiction I can mention that it felt refreshing to read Jason M. Tucker's stories, because they were freshly original stories.

Here's information about the stories:

Dead Favors

  • Martin returns to his old home town. His father has died and he's come to take care of things. People don't like Martin, because he abandoned his father. Martin has lots of bad memories from his childhood, but with a little help from his sister he tries to make things right. He decides to avenge what happened to his sister.
  • I think that this story will interest several horror fans, because it's a bit different kind of a story about revenge and the ending is brilliant.

Rorschach's Vampires

  • Rorschach's Vampires is a mini story about Gordon, who can see floating and shape shifting inkblots.
  • This story is short, but it's a fascinatingly weird story.

Worst Thing I Ever Did

  • In this mini story the author tells what a horrible thing one man does.
  • The ending of this short zombie story is fantastic.

God's Food: A Twisted Fairy Tale

  • This dark and twisted fairy tale tells about two sisters (the younger sister, Bonnie, is a widow who cares for her children; the older sister, Griselda, is childless and has a wealthy husband) and what happens to them.
  • As the author states at the beginning of this story, God's Food is based on the Brothers Grimm story of the same name. I'm sure that several readers are familiar with this old fairy tale.
  • I liked the way the author had changed this old fairy tale, because the ending was quite different from the original version.

This collection also includes a fascinating excerpt of a forthcoming novella called Wetwork (the other collection also contained a short excerpt of a forthcoming novella).

Uneasy Reading: 4 Horror Shorts is a perfect collection for readers of horror fiction. These four stories will delight horror fans with their freshness, style and originality. If you like horror stories, I'm sure that you'll like these short stories.

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