Jonathan Maas' City of gods - Hellenica was published in June 2013.

Information about Jonathan Maas:

Jonathan Maas in an American author. He is also a web designer.

Information about City of gods - Hellenica:

The gods are back, and they are tearing this world apart

Zeus, Dagon, Loki, Lugh and countless other deities have come back to this earth and rule over their individual districts with no goal other than satiating their own petty desires.

The sole remaining functional province, Hellenica, decides to act. They build the Academy and are about to recruit 16 young gods with the hopes of training them to police this world.

The Horsemen

Of these 16 young gods, four have strange powers that the Academy might not be able to control. Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost aren’t like normal gods, and their abilities stem from the Monotheistic times.

But if Hellenica has any hope of holding this world together, they will have to teach these four to exercise their powers to their fullest extent, even if it might bring everything to an apocalyptic end.


City of gods - Hellenica was a pleasant surprise for me. It surprised me with its originality, fast-paced story, and entertainment values. This kind of surprises are nice, because it's fun to read new and interesting books that differ from other books.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

This book is a story about four extraordinary persons: Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost. The world in which they live is divided into several areas that are ruled by different deities who satisfy their own needs and desires. There's an Academy in Hellenica, which is designed for the purpose of training young gods. Kayana, Gunnar, Tommy and Saoirse are taken to the Academy to be trained and they have to leave their old lives behind them. This is the beginning of an interesting and exciting story...

City of gods - Hellenica is a bit different kind of a fantasy book, because the author combines fantasy and science fiction elements. There are references to computers, science and other similar things throughout the book. This is intriguing, because normally fantasy authors tend to avoid writing about science or only briefly refer to it.

City of gods - Hellenica is one of those rare books that transcend the boundaries of adult fiction and young adult fiction - its characters will appeal to young adults and the story will fascinate adult readers. I think that several young adult readers will be thrilled to read this book and it will strike a chord among them. It's possible that readers who have become fascinated by ancient gods, myths and mythology by reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and other similar series/books will enjoy reading this book very much, because it's something different.

The cast of characters is versatile. I enjoyed reading about Kayana, Gunnar, Tommy and Saoirse, because the author wrote well about them and their backgrounds. At beginning of the story Kayana is in the hospital, because her touch kills people; Gunnar is a pit-fighter; Saoirse is taught to become one of the Hetaerae (a form of prostitute), and Tommy is a cripple who's on Lepros and sees how the sick are being taken care of. All of them were taken to Hellenica to be trained properly. They all differed from each other and had different powers.

I enjoyed reading about the training of Kayana, Gunnar, Tommy and Saoirse, because the author wrote intriguingly about their training and how they learnt things. They were taught to fight and control their powers at the Academy. They also had to learn to work together and trust each other.

It was especially interesting for me to read about Saoirse and her gift of talking to the animals, because I've always been fascinated by these kinds of gifts in fantasy and science fiction books. Another reason why I enjoyed reading about Saoirse is that she was considered to be the White Knight (the other Horsemen have clear abilities, but the White Knight's abilities and powers are more mysterious). This made her an especially interesting characters.

Jonathan Maas has imagined a fascinating world in this book, because he writes about a world which has been divided into different fiefdoms that are being ruled by ancient gods. The world is under constant warfare, because there are frictions between the different areas. This is an interesting premise for the story, because there aren't many fantasy authors who have created this kind of worlds.

The Academy is an important part of the world. Reading about it, its hallways and its secrets was interesting. In my opinion the author's vision of the Academy is intriguing, because its purpose is to train the new gods. He writes surprisingly vividly about this place. It was fun to read how the Horsemen explored the place during their training.

When I read this book, I thought to myself that the author must be interested in mythology and ancient deities, because he writes fluently about them. He seems to know quite a lot about the different deities, and he has an interesting way of writing about them. He writes about them in a modern and fresh way and avoids typical clichés. I have to mention that it was also fun to read about the Krakens, Banshees, Mermaids etc, because the author wrote surprisingly well about them.

I have to congratulate the author for writing an original fantasy book that contains sci-fi elements. Because I liked this book, I hope that the author will someday write more about the characters that appeared in the story. I got the impression that there's a lot more to reveal about the world and the fates of the characters, so hopefully there will someday be a sequel.

What I liked most about this book was that the author had written an original story and wrote about the Horsemen in an interesting way. I also liked the fast-paced story, because the author managed to keep things interesting for the reader by moving the plot fast forward. Although I liked the story, I have to mention that I would've liked to read more about the characters' lives before the Academy, because their backgrounds were interesting.

I think it's good to mention that there's a map at the beginning of the book. It's nice that the map is included in the book, because it helps the reader to see where the different areas are located and where the Academy is.

City of gods - Hellenica is good entertainment and I can recommend it to readers who enjoy reading fast-paced and entertaining books. This book can be recommended to both adults and young adults, because both readerships will enjoy reading it.

Good and interesting entertainment!

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