Ramsey Campbell's Creatures of the Pool is a mystery/horror book, which will be published by PS Publishing. Risingshadow.net has had an opportunity to read this book in advance, so we'll publish our review here.


Creatures of the Pool was an interesting mystery/horror book (or perhaps I should say that it was a supernatural thriller) about Liverpool and what lives under it. In my opinion the story moved slowly forward, but it wasn't a bad thing, because the author gradually created a strange and threatening atmosphere.

When I began to read Creatures of the Pool I was fascinated by the author's way of using detailed historical information about Liverpool. It added quite a lot of depth to the book, which is rare in modern horror books, because most authors tend to forget the depth. I've always liked historical details, so I enjoyed Campbell's writing style.

The main character, Gavin Meadows, was an interesting character, who gave guided tours of Liverpool. Campbell described Gavin's feelings, life and surroundings vividly. He was a traditional male character and the other characters were also quite traditional. I know that some readers may find this annoying, but it wasn't annoying, because the story was written in a traditional way.

There were some photographs in this book. I thought it was a good thing to use photographs, because it was interesting to see the places which were described in the text.

Although Creatures of the Pool was completely different from H. P. Lovecraft's short stories, there were some things - mostly the strange atmosphere and the sense of mystery - which made me think of Lovecraft's writing style. This was a nice surprise, because I didn't expect this kind of supernatural prose. I'm a big fan of H. P. Lovecraft, so when another author uses a similar writing style, I'm usually impressed by it.

I can recommend Creatures of the Pool to readers who enjoy reading traditional and well written mystery and horror stories with lots of historical details. Although I liked this book, I have to say that Creatures of the Pool isn't for everybody, because some readers may think it's boring.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
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