Terry Lamsley's R.I.P. and Rio Youers' Old Man Scratch were published in September. Both novellas are horror stories. Risingshadow.net has had an opportunity to read them, so here's our review of them.


Terry Lamsley: R.I.P.

Here's some information about R.I.P.: Conrad and his friend Gwillam were fascinated by supernatural things. Gwillam was interested in supernatural research and made some fascinating discoveries, but suddenly he disappeared and Conrad became worried about his friend. Conrad hired a woman, Mrs. Holwig, to search for his friend, because he wanted to know what had happened to Gwillam. At the same time a strange thick fog was everywhere.

In my opinion Terry Lamsley's novella was an excellent horror story. It was well written and the main character and his fears were described perfectly. When I read this novella I was impressed by the way the author combined horror and mystery elements. I can recommend this novella to people, who enjoy reading good horror stories.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Rio Youers: Old Man Scratch

Here's some information about Old Man Scratch: This novella is a slightly humorous and touching tale of revenge. It's a story about Johnny Gregson and his annoying neighbour Hill "Scratch" Clayton, who makes Johnny and his wife Melinda crazy with the sounds of his lawnmower and snowblower. Johnny tries to reason with Scratch, but gradually things get worse and Johnny realises that there's only one way to get rid of his neighbour - he has to kill him.

In my opinion Old Man Scratch was a bit different kind of horror novella, because it was a delightfully twisted and touching story about an old man, who wanted revenge. I liked Rio Youers' writing style - the prose was good. The touching scenes were written in a good way (I liked the way the author described Johnny's feelings and love toward his wife).

I can recommend this novella to horror readers, because it's an enjoyable novella. Other readers may also find this novella interesting, because it contains only a few supernatural elements.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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