What Will Come After: The Complete Zombie Stories of Scott Edelman will be published in early 2010 by PS Publishing. This collection contains the complete zombie stories of Scott Edelman.

Scott Edelman is an American science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer and editor. His website can be found here.

Here's a description of What Will Come After: The Complete Zombie Stories of Scott Edelman from the publisher's website:

During the three decades Scott Edelman has dedicated himself to the short story, his fiction has been called "darkly hopeful," "deep, disturbing, and emotionally draining," and "unnerving work that peers into the darkest corner of the human soul and makes one fear what lurks at the bottom of that abyss – but also makes it impossible to look away."

In these nine tales, you'll also discover that long before the current craze of mashing up mindless shamblers with the literary classics, Edelman was remixing zombies with "Romeo and Juliet," "Our Town," and other famous fictional worlds.

In the Stoker Award finalist "A Plague on Both Your Houses," you'll visit a post-apocalyptic Manhattan that reads like a fever dream created by George Romero collaborating with William Shakespeare, in which the living son of the mayor of New York City falls in love with the daughter of the zombie king.

In "Almost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man," another Stoker nominee, you'll lock yourself in a library as a writer struggles to keep his sanity by making sense of the zombie uprising the only way he knows how.

And in "What Will Come After," original to this volume, you'll learn what happens to Scott Edelman himself when he faces his own inevitable end.

Gathering his complete zombie fiction to date, Almost the Last Stories proves that the undead can be more than just rampaging braineaters – though you'll find plenty of gory gorging in these pages as well – but also a lens through which we can see that the living and the living dead are not so very different after all.


What Will Come After: The Complete Zombie Stories of Scott Edelman is a fascinating short story collection. I've always liked zombie stories, so I was very interested in this collection.

This collection contains the following stories:

  • What Will Come After
  • Live People Don’t Understand
  • The Man He Had Been Before
  • Almost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man (Bram Stoker Award nominee)
  • Goobers
  • Tell Me Like You Done Before
  • A Plague on Both Your Houses (Bram Stoker Award nominee)
  • The Human Race
  • The Last Supper

These stories are disturbing, but they can also be called hopeful. In my opinion this is quite an achievement, because it isn't easy to combine hopefulness and disturbing things – Scott Edelman has managed to do this and he's done it amazingly well.

The first story, What Will Come After, is a surprisingly tender, but shocking story about love, life, death and life after death as a zombie. It's a fine example of what a good writer do with words. The other stories are also well written, but I especially liked the Bram Stoker Award nominated stories (Almost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man and A Plague on Both Your Houses). They're perfect zombie stories for zombie fans.

I can recommend What Will Come After: The Complete Zombie Stories of Scott Edelman to all horror readers, because it's worth reading. If you like good zombie stories, these stories will charm you.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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