One for the Road is a vampire short story. It's a sequel to the novel 'Salem's Lot (1975). It can be found in the short story collection Night Shift (1978) and also in the illustrated edition of 'Salem's Lot (2005).

PS Publishing published an illustrated edition of One for the Road in March 2010.

Everybody who's read the Night Shift is familiar with this story, but there are probably readers who haven't read it, so here's a short description of the story:

One for the Road is narrated by Booth, who lives near the town of Salem's Lot. The story begins when a frozen man walks into Tookey's bar in the middle of a blizzard. He tells that he's walked all the way from his car where he left his family. Booth and the barkeeper go to rescue them, but things go wrong...

I've always liked this short story, so I was interested in reading the illustrated edition. It was fascinating to see the illustrations – in my opinion James Hannah's illustrations are nice.

The story is good and it shows how well Stephen King can write simple, but effective horror stories. I think it's great that the events take place in the middle of a blizzard, because it amplifies the threatening atmosphere.

I can recommend this illustrated edition to readers, who like Stephen King's short stories.

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