Brendan Connell is a probably relatively unknown author to several readers, so here's some information about him.

Brendan Connell's fiction has been published in several places. He is the author of The Translation of Father Torturo (2005) and Dr. Black and the Guerrillia (2005). His new book, Metrophilias (2010), was published by Better Non Sequitur Press.

More information about Brendan Connell can be found here.


Metrophilias is an interesting and challenging short story collection, because the stories are short (1-4 pages per story). The events take place in different cities around the world. Each story is named after a city.

Categorizing Metrophilias is a bit difficult, because it defies categorization, but in my opinion it contains elements of speculative fiction. I think that this collection can be categorized as modern weird fiction. Brendan Connell's stories are almost like weird fairy tales for adults.

Brendan Connell's stories form an exciting puzzle of human obsessions and desires. This collection reveals an amazing range of different kind of obsessions and hidden perversities – in other words, this collection offers the reader a fascinatingly weird vision about decadence and craving.

Brendan Connell has a vivid and rich imagination. He also has an ability to write twisted stories (for example the story about eating a man is a brilliantly twisted story). Although all the stories are short, they're fascinating. Connell proves that a story doesn't have to be long in order to be good – a short and simple story can be just as good as a long story when the writer knows how to use words. He uses minimalism and he does it well.

Brendan Connell writes fluently about humans and their secret passions. He doesn't shy away from difficult things, but embraces them and writes about them without hesitation. He writes without flinching about different aspects of love and sexuality. As we all know, love and sexuality mean different things to different people and Connell shows just how differently certain people feel about these things – his characters will do almost anything to satisfy their cravings.

I enjoyed reading this collection. Because Brendan Connell's stories were weird and a bit perverse, it was almost impossible to stop reading them, because I wanted to know what happens in the next story.

In my opinion Metrophilias is a fascinating and original short story collection, which can be recommended to readers who want to read something different (it's difficult to find similar collections). I think that these short, intelligent and weird stories will fascinate adult readers.

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