Jonathan Maas' -100 was published in February 2018.

Information about Jonathan Maas:

Jon Maas has born in New Haven, Connecticut and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from Stanford University with degrees in Biology and History, he's earned a living as a Musician, Peace Corps Volunteer, Standup Comedian, TV Producer and Web Designer.

He is the author of such novels as City of gods: Hellenica, Spanners - The Fountain of Youth, Flare, The Dog That Laid Eggs and Children of Another Bible: We Were Not the Only Ones.

Information about -100:


When Kela invents a device that can send herself back in time, she decides the first person she’ll tell will be her boyfriend, Adam.

Before she can tell him though, he breaks up with her.

Kela goes home and makes a decision: she will use the device to go back, one day at a time, and end things with Adam first - on each and every day of their one hundred day relationship. After these one hundred days, she will have effectively erased their relationship from this existence, and any other.

Never Go Back in Time

But both Kela and Adam will soon understand that the universe disallows time travel for a reason. There are some things that should not be seen, and some horrors that the human mind shouldn’t even attempt to understand.

If they want to survive these one hundred days, they must find a way to move forward together, even if it means unleashing the inconceivable terrors lurking just beyond our conception.


Jonathan Maas' -100 is an incredibly fresh and unique take on time travel. It's an entertaining novella in which the author fluently combines science fiction, science, horror and romance elements to create an original story.

Jonathan Maas is an independent author whose fiction I've come to like a lot, because it's different and entertaining. He writes fresh, imaginative and original speculative fiction that sets him apart from many other authors. This novella showcases his writing skills and imagination in an excellent way.

I enjoyed reading -100, because it's something different due to the author's way of exploring time travel from a different perspective. I found his philosophical exploration of time travel intriguing, because the scientific conversations between the protagonists are fascinating and offer quite a lot of food for thoughts. He examines problems that may arise from time travel by writing about what the protagonists experience and how they deal with what's going on. The examination of possible and impossible things is wonderfully imaginative.

In this novella, Kela has invented a device that can send herself back in time. She can't wait to tell her boyfriend, Adam, what she has invented. When she tries to tell Adam her big news, Adam breaks up with her... When Kela tries to think about what happened between her and Adam, nothing seems to make sense to her. She comes to the conclusion that the universe has made an error and she needs to correct it. She decides to do it thoroughly so that the mistake will be completely cleansed from existence... Soon Kela and Adam find out that there are certain things that should not be seen and human mind should not try to make sense of some things...

This unique story flows well from start to finish and instantly grabs hold of the reader's attention. There's a good balance between speculative and scientific elements, and the speculations about various things make for an entertaining read.

Kela is an interesting character, because she's a highly intelligent person whose intelligence puts her into a league of her own. She has her own way of thinking about things. Adam is also an interesting and intelligent character. He has applied to many universities and has gotten a position at a university, which is far away from his father who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

The relationship between Kela and Adam is handled well, because Kela has difficulties understanding certain things about romance and why one should have a boyfriend. She has never understood the importance of these things. There's something about her behaviour that reminded me of Asperger's syndrome, but is slightly different from it.

Jonathan Maas writes about such things as online dating and relationships in a surprisingly thoughtful way. It was interesting to read about what Adam thought of dating through the internet and the algorithms that are used by dating websites. I was also fascinated by how Adam felt about dating Kela.

There have often been times when I've felt annoyed when reading about romance elements in time travel stories, but nothing in this novella rubs me the wrong way. I found myself captivated by the anti-romantic elements, because they were unique and offered excellent counterbalance to the romantic elements. The author shows that love can be expressed in various non-typical ways.

The horror elements are intriguing, because there's something about them that is reminiscent of cosmic horror. Because I'm a big fan of cosmic horror, I found this fascinating. In my opinion, the author writes well about these elements, because he doesn't go overboard with them, but uses them sparingly.

The strange symbols that Kela draws add an element of mystery to the storyline. I won't reveal what the symbols mean, but I can mention that what is revealed about them will captivate readers.

I think it's possible that this novella may not be to everyone's liking because of its different kind of contents, but that is often the case with original fiction that differs from mainstream fiction. Personally, I find this novella's contents refreshingly different and was pleased with them, because the author explores challenging and difficult concepts in his own unique way.

My final words are:

Jonathan Maas' -100 is a satisfyingly fresh time travel novella. It will appeal to fans of the author and also to newcomers, because it's something different and entertaining. If you enjoy reading extraordinary stories, you should take a look at this novella, because it's not your normal kind of a time travel story.

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