Dave Weaver's Timekeepers was published by Elsewhen Press in a digital edition in March 2018 and in paperback in May 2018.

Information about Dave Weaver:

Author Dave Weaver lives in St. Albans, near the ruins of the Roman town of Verulamium. He has long been fascinated by history and his writing has often explored the relationship between reality and the popularly imagined past which invariably borders on fantasy. His first published novel, Jacey’s Kingdom, explored Dark Ages Britain as it was being imagined by a history student who lay in a coma. His latest novel, Timekeepers, is a dark dystopia, more science fiction than fantasy. Combining time travel and alternate realities with both history and a disturbing future, Timekeepers follows in the footsteps of HG Wells’ (ironically timeless) classic The Time Machine.

Information about Timekeepers:


An outsider in his own time, Jack finds himself a stranger in the distant past, then a pawn in a dark, dystopian future where rebels struggle to overturn an ancient and ruthlessly oppressive empire.

Jack has an exceptional gift: a remarkable ability to absorb and memorise facts instantly and without effort.

A lonely teenager, he has had little control over his life, having to leave behind friends and everything familiar, in the move to a new town, a new school, a new start. Jack misses his old life. He knows that his immediate future will not be easy - his astonishing memory has not always helped win him friends - but he can never have anticipated the incredible events that are about to befall him.

Discovering what appears to be an ancient coin, Jack finds himself abruptly hurled back and then forward through time, by a technology and an intelligence beyond his control. Jack’s extraordinary memory, and his fascination with history, are to prove vital as he is thrown back across the centuries, to the early years of the Roman occupation of Britain, then forward to the heart of a vastly powerful totalitarian state.

In both past and future, manipulated by opposing factions, Jack’s life is under constant threat. He will need all his ability and courage to survive.

Whom can he trust?

Can he save those he cares for?

Will he ever return home?


Dave Weaver's Timekeepers is a welcome addition to the time travel genre, because it's an enjoyable novel that will appeal to readers who love classic time travel novels. It's an entertaining combination of old-fashioned time travel adventure, modern storytelling and suspense.

As a fan of well written time travel fiction, I'm happy to say that Timekeepers is one of the best offerings to date on the field of entertaining time travel fiction. It instantly thrills readers with its story and takes them first on a journey to the past and then to the dystopic and disturbing future in the vein of H.G. Well's classic The Time Machine.

In this novel, the author successfully blends young adult fiction elements with adult fiction. This kind of combination is often a recipe for disaster, but in this case everything works well, because the story is gripping and suspenseful.

Here's a bit of information about the story:

Jack has moved from Nottingham to Fulchester. Because he has a good memory and can take in any fact and remember it without effort, he isn't a popular guy at Fulchester High... During a school trip to the local museum, Jack meets a mysterious girl, Honour, who gives him an old coin. Suddenly he experiences a strange sensation and the museum vanishes. He sees a view of trees, fields and Roman-like villas before his eyes. Soon he experiences the strange sensation again and he's back in his own time... When Jack has an argument with Bruce and runs away from him, his foot gets stuck on the rails. As the train approaches directly towards him and he's in grave danger, he senses a crackle of static and a blast of brilliant white light transports him to the past. He finds himself in quite a trouble when he wakes up in Roman Britain, in Fulchestorium... A bit later he finds himself in the future and notices, to his amazement and terror, that things are quite different there...

This marks the beginning of a fascinating time travel adventure that takes Jack from the present to the past and then to the distant future where he has to find out whom to trust and how to return home.

Jack is a well-created and a bit different kind of a protagonist due to his ability to easily remember things. He has a spectacular and unique memory, because he can absorb and memorise facts instantly and without any kind of effort. His ability makes him a special individual.

It was compelling to read about Jack's situation, because he found himself being a wanted man in the future and had to deal with an intelligence that was beyond his control. I also enjoyed reading about Lucas, Portia, Michael and other characters. In fear of writing major spoilers, I won't reveal who these characters are, but I can mention that they're all pivotal to the story.

Jack's journey from Fulchester to Fulchestorium is thrilling. The author creates a believable vision of a Roman Britain by paying attention to details that matter. Roman people, their customs and their brutalities are depicted in a realistic way in this novel. I enjoyed reading about the Romans and how Jack met Gaius Flavius Drucillus, because the conversation between them is intriguing.

The author has created a stunning vision of the future totalitarian state, the great Romano Briton. He uses a few alternate history elements and timeline elements to offer his readers a memorable glimpse into the future. He fluently tells of how the future world differs from our own world and what has happened to people.

One of the things that truly intrigued me about this novel was that cloning and growing babies artificially outside of the human womb played an important part in the birth of a cruel world and unjust society. Besides being cruel and unjust, the future world is a complex place, because you can't go anywhere or do anything important without the I-Dent chip.

The time travel technology described in the story is intriguing, because it differs from what has been created by other authors. I won't reveal too much information about this technology, but I can mention that Jack's coin is a time portal that creates a link between past and future. I'll aso mention that the artifical intelligence Chrono and its machinations intrigued me a lot, because Chrono had its own ideas about how things should be.

Underneath the suspenseful and action-packed story readers will be able to find difficult and challenging themes and issues. The author deftly handles such things as what moving to a new place means to people and how difficult it is make friends when you're different from others. It's great that he doesn't dwell on them or preach about them, but makes his readers aware of them as the story unfolds.

My final words are:

If you have a penchant for time travel novels and are looking for something entertaining to read, please don't hesitate to pick up Dave Weavers Timekeepers, because it's good entertainment. It's a highly enjoyable, suspenseful and well written tale that will be of interest to many readers.

Good and thrilling entertainment for readers who love entertaining time travel stories!


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