Michael W. Garza's Drums in the Abyss was published by NeverHaven Press in July 2018.

Information about Michael W. Garza:

Michael W. Garza often finds himself wondering where his inspiration will come from next and in what form his imagination will bring it to life. The outcomes regularly surprise him and it's always his ambition to amaze those curious enough to follow him and take in those results. He encourages readers to peek at his latest work as well as the material he's published in the past. He sincerely hopes that everyone will find something that astonishes, surprises, or simply scares the heck out of you.

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Information about Drums in the Abyss:

Tread lightly those who seek the Darkness

Professor William Markinson’s lifelong research led him to the vast hidden caves beneath the sacred grounds west of Bursa. The true aims of his search are well hidden from the other members of the expedition team, but the lost city of Morgainok cannot be denied. The ancient roads echo with the drums of the abyss, leaving five lost souls at the mercy of the city. Horrors stand at every turn as elder things lurk in the shadows.

Lauren Miller is right to guard herself from the others. The dire situation has left the expedition team on the run. She will have to stave off the madness of what she has witnessed for any hope of escape. She must confront the caretakers of the unholy city or Morgainok will keep her forever.

Rise of the Elder

This Horror Survival Series documents the last days of those mortals foolish enough to pry into the affairs of the Cult of the Elder. The dark secrets are tempting, but few live to tell of the horrendous wonders beyond the void.


Michael W. Garza's Drums in the Abyss is the first novel in the Rise of the Elder series, which belongs to the author's The Cult of the Elder Mythos. I'm happy to say that this novel is an enjoyable and thrilling combination of Lovecraftian dark fiction, Robert E. Howardesque adventure fiction and modern survival horror. It's just as good as the author's previous novels, if not even better in certain ways, because it's distinctly different from the other novels.

I have to admit that I enjoy reading Lovecraftian and Howardesque stories very much. I've been a big fan of this kind of stories for a long time, because I can't help but love the sense of foreboding darkness, the distinct feel of isolation and the feel of dark adventure they offer to the reader.

Writing entertaining and sufficiently original survival horror fiction is difficult, because many things can go horribly wrong during the writing process unless the author has a clear vision of how to write fluent fiction and how to incorporate the necessary dark elements into the story (I can mention that I've read a few works of fiction that should never have seen the light of day). It's great that Michael W. Garza has managed to write an entertaining, gripping and surprisingly suspenseful survival horror novel, because it's difficult to find good survival horror fiction.

One of the best things about this novel is that the author tells of how there are places in the world that one should never explore. He effortlessly writes about what kind of horrors await those who dare to venture deep into unknown caves in search of lost cities and dark cults. The author's way of writing about these things feels satisfyingly fresh and exciting, because he easily creates a menacing atmosphere and gives the reader an opportunity to immerse himself/herself into the story.

Drums in the Abyss is a story about Professor William Markinson and his archeological team (Professor Markinson's assistant Alex Reed, Ms. Lauren Miller, and their guide Ahmed and his nephew, Emre) who get lost down in the caves west of the city of Bursa. The professor's passion is to uncover the truth behind the Cult of the Elder. He is looking for the lost city of Morgainok. When the team wanders in the caves and tries to find a way out, they accidentally find Morgainok and hear the sound of distant drums coming from somewhere deep within the caves. Soon they notice that they are not alone, because there's something terrifying down there with them...

This marks the beginning of an entertaining and frightening survival story that keeps readers glued to the pages until the very end.

In this novel, the author has created a fascinating sight of a lost underground city. Morgainok is quite a sight to behold because of its endless towers, bizarre structures and an enormous pyramid that dominates the dark city. Morgainok has an unsettling feel of an ancient tomb to it that thrilled me. The idols that the team finds in the caves and in the city are disturbingly strange and stimulate the reader's imagination in a chilling way, because they're wonderfully Lovecraftian.

I like Michael W. Garza's writing style, because he writes fluent and suspenseful prose. He's an incredibly versatile author, because he has written all kinds of speculative fiction ranging from post-apocalyptic fiction to young adult fantasy. This novel demonstrates how well he writes Lovecraftian and Howardesque dark fiction, because he has come up with a highly entertaining story.

The author writes fluently and thrillingly about what happens to the characters and how much tension there is between them, because they're stuck in the caves. He never goes overboard with his descriptions, but keeps things tightly focused on what's important and delivers thrills at a steady pace. The story is never boring, because there's always something going on and the atmosphere grows increasingly terrifying towards the end.

Because I enjoyed reading this novel, I look forward to reading the next novel, The Grief That Lingers. I hope the wait won't be long, because I can hardly wait to read what happens next.

My final words are:

I consider Michael W. Garza's Drums in the Abyss to be one of the best new novels in the field of survival horror fiction, because it's genuinely entertaining due to its fast-paced and gripping story (to be totally honest, this is the best survival horror novel I've read in ages). If you enjoy atmospheric and well written survival horror fiction with Lovecraftian and Howardesque elements, this novel will be of interest to you.

This novel is good and thrilling horror entertainment!

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