Lavie Tidhar's Cloud Permutations is a novella, which will be published by PS Publishing in July 2010.

Lavie Tidhar is the author of The Tel-Aviv Dossier (with Nir Yaniv), HebrewPunk, An Occupation of Angels and The Bookman.

Lavie Tidhar's official website can be found here.


Lavie Tidhar's Cloud Permutations is a well written story about Kal, who wants desperately to fly. Flying is forbidden in Kal's world, but he really wants to fly. Because of his desire to fly certain events force him to be exiled from his home. This exile changes his life and leads him Bani. Together, Kal and Bani begin to search a tower and they'll experience an unforgettable adventure.

Cloud Permutations is one of those stories which you can read in one sitting. It's a wonderful and touching story about a different world, Heven, and its customs (things about Heven are revealed gradually to the reader). In my opinion Cloud Permutations is almost like a science fiction fairy tale for adults, but perhaps the best way to describe it is to say that it's a fantastic adventure tale to speculative fiction readers.

According to Lavie Tidhar's official website, Cloud Permutations was inspired by life in the South Pacific and a love of Cordwainer Smith, and it was written in Vanuatu. The author's interest in Vanuatu is easy to see in this story – it adds an interesting flavour to the story (this South Pacific flavour feels fresh).

I like Lavie Tidhar's writing style and the way he describes things. His prose is good and the story is interesting. This story contains an interesting Lovecraftian element in the form of a giant squid. This squid reminds me of Dagon, which – if I remember correctly – was a major Semitic god and was worshipped by ancient people (everybody who's read H. P. Lovecraft's stories knows that Lovecraft wrote a story about Dagon).

Cloud Permutations is a nice story and I can recommend it to speculative fiction readers.

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