Brendan Connell's The Rimini-Ferrara Line was published by Eibonvale Press in April 2018.

Information about Brendan Connell:

Brendan Connell was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1970. His works of fiction include Unpleasant Tales (Eibonvale Press, 2013), The Architect (PS Publishing, 2012), Lives of Notorious Cooks (Chômu Press, 2012), Miss Homicide Plays the Flute (Eibonvale Press, 2013), Cannibals of West Papua (Zagava, 2015), and Clark (Snuggly Books, 2016).

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Information about The Rimini-Ferrara Line:

Inspiring references and illusions to both Dante and Plato, Brendan Connell’s The Rimini-Ferrara Line is a work that asks pointed questions about the truths of vibrant beauty and the strange experiences of investigational prose. In this graceful and sympathetic book, the author brings a musician’s ear and the strategic force of a Napoleon to the infinitely amusing world of Italian trains.

This is an unusual and experimental chapbook constructed with a coloured interior.


Brendan Connell's The Rimini-Ferrara Line is the fourth chapbook in the Eibonvale Chapbook Line.

Brendan Connell is an author whose fiction I've come to like and respect very much. One of the reasons why I enjoy his fiction is that he dares to be experimental and unconventional. He is not restrained by lack of imagination, but embraces the strange and the unexpected in a bold way. This chapbook is an excellent example of his imagination and his literary writing skills.

One of the strenths of this chapbook is that it's unclassifiable due to its experimental and highly unusual contents. It can't be neatly categorised in any genre, because it's something different and artistic. Like high art, this chapbook exists in a world of its own: it's a series of fragments that, together, form an original narrative and tell an unusual story.

The Rimini-Ferrara Line tells of the train journey from Rimini to Ferrara. The author gives his readers glimpses of what happens during the journey and tells of what kind of passengers board the train. He conveys conversations, announcements and other happenings to the readers in a deliciously thrilling and quirky way. The train ride comes alive in the most dynamic and exciting way.

The diverse cast of passengers guarantees an interesting ride. It's fun to read about the passengers, because the author writes about them in an amusing and entertaining way.

The unusual story flows effortlessly from the first page to the final page, because the author weaves his word magic with an expert's touch. The ending is excellent, because the author delivers a fitting ending to the story.

I don't know how Brendan Connell and David Rix (the publisher) have come up with the idea for this coloured and illustrated chapbook, but they've managed to create and construct a little gem that will appeal to readers who love unusual and experimental fiction. In this chapbook, art accompanies the story in a beautiful way.

Readers who are not familiar with the author's writing style will have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with his prose and imagination. The story has all the trademarks that make the author's fiction great: quirkiness, unexpectedness and originality.

If you enjoy strange stories, experimental fiction and want to be surprised by what you read, Brendan Connell's The Rimini-Ferrara Line will be of interest to you. If you're a fan of Brendan Connell and enjoy his stories, this charming chapbook should have a permanent place on your bookshelf.

Highly recommended!

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