Nghi Vo

Nghi Vo

Nghi Vo was born in central Illinois, and she retains a healthy respect of and love for corn mazes, scarecrows, and fifty-year floods. These days, she lives on the shores of Lake Michigan, which is less a lake than an inland sea that she is sure is just biding its time. Her short fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Uncanny Magazine, PodCastle, Lightspeed, and Fireside. Her short story, “Neither Witch nor Fairy” made the 2014 Otherwise (formerly Tiptree) Award Honor List. She is also the author of The Singing Hills Cycle, which begins with Empress of Salt and Fortune. Nghi mostly writes about food, death, and family, but sometimes detours into blood, love, and rhetoric. She believes in the ritual of lipstick, the power of stories, and the right to change your mind.

Updated September 17, 2020

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Books by Nghi Vo
The Empress of Salt and Fortune (The Singing Hills Cycle #1)
★ 5.00 / 1
When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain (The Singing Hills Cycle #2)
The Chosen and the Beautiful
Siren Queen
★ 8.00 / 1
Into the Riverlands (The Singing Hills Cycle #3)
★ 8.00 / 1
Mammoths at the Gates (The Singing Hills Cycle #4)
⧗ 8.00 / 1

Series by Nghi Vo

The Singing Hills Cycle (5 books)

Speculative Fiction Novels

(The Singing Hills Cycle #5 / 5)
2024 | fantasy, high fantasy | Release date TBA
(The Singing Hills Cycle #4 / 5)
2023 | fantasy, high fantasy
(The Singing Hills Cycle #3 / 5)
2022 | fantasy, high fantasy
2022 | fantasy, historical fantasy
2021 | fantasy, historical fantasy
(The Singing Hills Cycle #2 / 5)
2020 | fantasy, high fantasy
(The Singing Hills Cycle #1 / 5)
2020 | fantasy, high fantasy