Ciannon Smart

Ciannon Smart

Of Jamaican heritage, Ciannon Smart grew up in a small town in the south-east of England. As the only daughter in a house full of boisterous sons, she developed a voracious appetite for reading from an early age, preferring anarchy in stories rather than real life. In YA she loves her heroines exactly as she loves her villains: wilful, wily, and unpredictable. When not writing, Ciannon can be found reading, painting, or taking the long way home to listen to a good song more than once.

Updated April 22, 2021

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Books by Ciannon Smart
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Series by Ciannon Smart

Witches Steeped in Gold (2 books)
Rayleigh Mann (1 books)

Speculative Fiction Books

(Rayleigh Mann #2 / 2)
2024 | fantasy, middle grade | Release date 2024
(Rayleigh Mann #1 / 2)
2023 | fantasy, middle grade
(Witches Steeped in Gold #2 / 2)
2022 | fantasy, dark fantasy, young adult
(Witches Steeped in Gold #1 / 2)
2021 | fantasy, dark fantasy, young adult