Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace is an English self-labeled “fluffy comfort book” author, writing predominantly new adult and contemporary romance from her home in Manchester, England. When she’s not describing everyone’s eyes ten-thousand times a chapter, accidentally giving multiple characters the same name, or using English sayings that no one understands in her American books, you can find her hanging out with her husband and two dogs, Pig and Bear.

Updated February 15, 2023

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Books by Hannah Grace
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Series by Hannah Grace

Maple Hills (2 books)

Fictions and Others

(Maple Hills #3 / 3)
2024 | romance, sports romance | Release date August 27, 2024
(Maple Hills #2 / 3)
2023 | romance, sports romance
(Maple Hills #1 / 3)
2022 | romance, sports romance