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Operation Juggernaut by Michael Manogue

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Seregil of Rhiminee created the topic: Operation Juggernaut by Michael Manogue
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Michael Manogue's horror novel, Operation Juggernaut, was published in November 2013.

A Nazi officer's beliefs are called into question when he faces the ultimate test; the capture of super human monstrosities, intended to be the prototype of the new German “master race”.

A group of SS troops escorting a mysterious group of technicians into the wastelands near the Arctic Circle are almost wiped out by a Russian attack. The survivors, cut off from their own lines, have few choices. Under the leadership of Carl Faust, a man on the verge of a breakdown, they head north towards their goal, a medieval village ruled by self-proclaimed Gods, who believe they cannot die. There the Nazi ideal will come face to face with a group of beings who have powers undreamed of, powers the failing Third Reich wants to harness for its own means.

In the village is a man much like Faust. Lothair is a warrior who leads the remnants of an ancient expedition. Their lycanthropy has given them incredible powers and he constantly battles to keep control of the others who would spread their reign of terror beyond the village. His one-time lover Catherine, a clairvoyant, has sensed the coming of the Germans and plans to use them as an instrument to topple Lothair and escape their self-imposed exile, believing with her power that she can enslave the world. There in the forest, machine pistol will be pitted against broadsword to see who the master race really is.

About the author

Michael Manogue spent seventeen years as a motorcycle courier in Washington DC and is the only one he knows of that still has all his original body parts. The next five years were spent leading a team at the British Embassy Passport Office where he eventually realized that it wasn’t office work that he hated, but other people. He now lives in Bedford, Texas with his long suffering wife Emma where he indulges in whisky fueled rants and creates the occasional coherent story. The rest of his time is spent arming the residents of the Republic against the zombie apocalypse he is sure is coming.

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