Planet of the Damned (Brion Brandd #1) - Harry Harrison

Hugo Award: Best Novel nominee (1962).

Planet of the Damned is also known as A Sense of Obligation.

Problem !

Brion Brandd of the Galactic CRF had a problem. It was the planet Dis. Brion's assignment was to salvage it.

Dis was a harsh, inhospitable, dangerous place and the Disians made it worse. They might have been human once - but they were somethimg else now.

The Disians had only one desire - kill! Kill everything, themselves, their planet, the universe if they could -

Brion had minutes to stop them - if he could find out how!

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Release date: 1962
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 16, 2021

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