Dragon Ultimate (Bazil Broketail, #7)
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Dragon Ultimate

by Christopher Rowley
Released: 1999

Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Dragon Ultimate

Waakzaam the Great has not finished with Ryetelth. And now he has focussed his rage upon another foe, the Sinni, the golden beings who have long fought him across the Sphereboard of Destiny. First the Argonath, weakened by the plagues, must fight off an army of the Masters of Padmasa lead by Waakzaam, and then Bazil and Relkin must endure a terrifying journey across the gulfs of space and time to do battle with the vast golem created by Waakzaam in his bid to destroy the Sinni. This clash, between titans, comes perilously close to ending Bazil and Relkin's lives, but with the aid of the Sinni, themselves under attack, and their own indomitable powers the dragon and his boy bring down the golem and extinguish Waakzaam. All across the Sphereboard of Destiny oppressed peoples rise up with joy in their hearts at this tremendous act of liberation.

Edited by Seregil of Rhiminee (2010-09-07)

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