Taltos (Lives of the Mayfair Witches, #3)
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by Anne Rice
Release date: 1994
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror

Locus Award nominee 1995.

Meet Mr. Ash, quiet-spoken, tall, unfailingly kind – sole survivor of an ancient species, the Taltos – thriving among humankind as he has always done, now the head of a great corporate empire. As the novel opens, he is stunned to learn from an old and mysterious friend that another Taltos has been seen – in the very same Scottish glen where centuries ago, long before the coming of the Romans, Ash ruled his clan.

At once he is propelled into the world of Rowan Mayfair, and into the mysteries of the Mayfair family – the New Orleans dynasty of witches forever besieged by ghosts, spirits, and the dizzying powers of his own species – a family intimately involved with the heritage of the Taltos, a family of unique, brilliant, and troubled souls struggling as they have for centuries to use both science and magic in their battle for greatness, even survival.

At the heart of the novel is the Talamasca, a secular order of psychic scholars, the only organization in existence which may understand Ash, his Taltos past, and the dilemma of the Mayfair witches.

The story of the Mayfair family continues, moving from London to Donnelaith, Scotland, to New Orleans, back and forth through time – from the origins of the Taltos and their mythic Lost Land to the moral crises of the present day.

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