The Maker of Universes (World of Tiers, #1)
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The Maker of Universes

by Philip José Farmer
Release date: 1965
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Robert Wolff's discovery of a strange horn in an empty house catapulted him into the most incredible adventure of all time. For that horn could open up a door through space-time to a cosmos with dimensions and laws totally different from our own.

The universe he entered was a place of tiers – world upon world piled on each other – and each level was different and more fantastic than the next. In order to return to his home, Wolff would have to ascend each tier and contend with weird creatures – like Kickaha the Trickster, and Podarge the venomous eagle-woman – until he found his way to the topmost tier... and the god, or the madman, that ruled the universe.

THE MAKER OF UNIVERSES is the first of Philip José Farmer's amazing and original World of Tiers books – some of the most thrilling and colorful science fiction adventures ever created.

updated 2011-04-07

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