The Castle Omnibus

by Steph Swainston
The Castle Omnibus - Steph Swainston 9.00   4

An omnibus edition of The Year of Our War, No Present Like Time and The Modern World.

The acclaimed ground-breaking fantasy trilogy in one great value volume for the first time.

50 immortals, chosen by the emperor lead humanity in an endless war against hordes of ginant insects. Their immortality, conferred on them by the emperror can be taken away if they lose a challange to be part of the circle of 50.

Jant, the emperor's drug-addicted messanger, the only man who can fly, tells the story of mankinds savage fight for survival in a uniquely imagined, beautiful fantasy world.

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Release date December 9, 2009
Details updated August 23, 2022

Castle Series :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 7 total works.

Also known as Fourlands series.

The Year of Our War (Castle Series #1) 7.60   61
No Present Like Time (Castle Series #2) 7.74   45
The Modern World (Castle Series #3) 8.24   38
Above the Snowline (Castle Series #4) 8.50   4
Fair Rebel (Castle Series #5) N/A
The Castle Omnibus 9.00   4
Turning Point N/A

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